Care for Your Underarms


Ladies, our underarms are just as important as our skin on all part of the body. Over a period of negligence and maintenance, you will notice that the skin at the underarm area becomes patchy and rough over time. I never knew that I would be succumbed to such fate because I always thought my skin was well-hydrated and conditioned till my friend suggested that it’s really time to show some love and care to this much neglected area which could be so adoringly called armpits.

3 Steps to Sexy Underarms

1) Shave

Purchase those razor with 5 sharp blades to cut and remove all the armpit hair. I prefer this method of hair removal because I’m too afraid to pluck my own armpit hair or to visit the salon to do IPL on armpit area which can get rather sensitive.

2) Use a whitening deodorant

However, shaving too often can lead to rough and dull skin at the underarm area due to the skin irritations caused when you are shaving away your armpit hair. Dreaming of an even tone and smooth underarms? You need to use products like Nivea Whitening Happy Shave to whiten the skin around the underarm area. This product also nourishes and heals the skin at the underarm area as it contains provitamin B5 and vitamin C which whitens and smooth the skin, repair damaged skin cells and reduce skin damage and irritation from shaving. It’s a like an after-shaving care product which also prepares and protect your skin after shaving. Besides providing you with a happier shave, it also provide 48-hour sweat protection against body odour and sweat, thus leaving you smelling pleasant and refreshed.

3) Smells sexy

 Your underarms must smell good because it’s an area where bacterial and fungi growth thrives. Drive the nasty smell away by keeping your underarms ‘well-ventilated’ and dry to inhibit the start of body odour that would turn anyone off. Anti-perspirants and deodorants can help to prevent that. NIVEA Happy Shave, for instance, has a floral, fruity scent of green apple, peach, lily of the valley and jasmine that would make me happy.

Get your sexy underarms back!

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