How I Met Ollie with OPPO N1 mini – The Ultimate Selfie Phone

Having tea with Ollie was delightful! He looks adorable with his green ear muffs and that single-strand of hair that functions as his antennae to pick up signals in the air. He’s highly intelligent, innovative and approachable, just like his ultimate selfie phone which he was carrying. 
On one of those hot and humid afternoons, Ollie and I met up at a cafe as he wanted to introduce his new ultimate Selfie phone by OPPO which I was dying to try it out myself! This ultimate selfie phone is one of OPPO’s latest phone which is dubbed as the best selfie smartphone that boasts an impressive 13-megapixel camera which rotates 195° for high resolution selfie photos!
As a blogger and avid instagrammer myself, I enjoy taking selfies but very often it’s hard to take with my current iPhone because the resolution of the front camera is lower than the back camera. I often have to edit it with a photo editor app to make it appear sharper and clearer. But I guess there’s now a phone which can provide to an instant short-cut to extra clear selfies with minimal editing. The N1 mini phone is a phone worth checking out especially if you are a social media junkie.
If you are new to the brand OPPO, like myself, here’s a little brief introduction about OPPO. 
This  globally registered technology brand, OPPO, is an international manufacturer of smartphones based in Guangdong.  It first started out as company that markets its Blu-ray range of products in the USA and has now broadened its product range to include smartphones.
This is a selfie of Ollie using his OPPO Ultimate Selfie phone! Ollie was so excited that he fell right smack into my slice of carrot cake. Maybe I should have snap of picture of that!
After Ollie showed me a few impressive selfie ‘stunts’ I could perform with the OPPO N1 Mini,  he loaned the phone to me to test it out further.
So what makes the N1 Mini phone the best selfie phone in town? Read further to find out more!
These are the accessories that comes along with the phone. Like any other phones sold in the market these days, it comes with a earphones, cable and adapter.
Some facts and figures
Size: 148.4mm×72.2mm×9.2mm
Screen: 5 – Inch, 1280*720, HD, TFT, 16.7M Colors
Operating system: Android4.3 ColorOS1.4
The screen is pretty wide which is perfect for watching videos on the phone and taking pictures especially group selfies where you pretty much one everyone in the group to be in the picture!
Oppo N1 mini comes in two summery colours:white and cool mint blue. They will be releasing a limited edition version that comes in light summery yellow. It’s going to be one eye-catching summer/spring accessory to bring it along with you!
Photo credit: OPPO Singapore
O-Click accessory

One of the cool features of the N1 mini is the remote control function or O-Click compatibility  where you can operate the camera function with just a touch of the remote. That would mean that you no longer have to set the timer or rely on the selfie stick to take group selfie or long-distance selfie shots. 
This tiny remote control is sold separately from the phone though.But it would make a great purchase because this remote control could also help to locate where your phone is, should you have misplaced it.
This is Ollie tossing the remote control like a pizza.
You could stand really far and still take a picture with the remote control!
Photo-friendly features

13-Mega pixel (both front and rear)

Yes! You got that right, 13-Mage pixels! It sounds as good as any camera. It also comes with this Fill light feature that works like a flash to help brighten up the surroundings while take a picture. In particular, under poor lightings, like in restaurants where you want to take a picture of your yummy meals.

Beautify Mode

The phone camera has an enhanced facial recognition and thus leading to more accurate beautification effects on one’s face. So there’s no longer a need to edit the photos with a photo editor which can be pretty time consuming! When I took a selfie with this phone, the small blemishes on my skin were blurred out.

Audio Photo

You could snap a photo in Audio Photo mode, and record the audio to be attached to the photo. And this is how you make your photos come to life even with the use of still images.

GIF Photo

This is one of my favorite camera phone features of the N1 mini where you can record GIF animations with the camera and then share it on the various social media websites. GIF images always appeared more entertaining and sometimes humorous too!


Its Pure Image 2.0 technology picks out the best parts of six consecutive images and combine them into a 24MP HD picture. This technology sounds pretty impressive but do note that the resolution of the images might differ once the images is transferred to my macbook. But the images on the phone itself appears super sharp and clear.

Source: Oppo Singapore
The OPPO N1 mini also has other smart features such as its ColorOS off-screen gestures where you can draw an ‘O’ to activate your camera or a ‘V’ to turn on the flashlight function. And to take a printscreen, simply swipe down with your 3 fingers. How smart is that? I bet Ollie must have crystallized those ideas.
Many thanks to Ollie for introducing this selfie phone!

The OPPO N1 Mini  comes in two colours: white and cool mint blue and it is retailing at SGD549 and available at all authorized OPPO retailers, including Singtel and M1 shops.

For more information, please refer to the fact sheet and visit the OPPO Singapore website: or the OPPO Singapore Facebook

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