My Dream Green Bathroom: A Balinese-inspired and Eco-friendly Shower Room

When I travelled to Bali about last year in January, I felt innately close to nature and that indescribable feeling of being so in tune with yourself and nature has made me fall in love instantly with the Balinese culture, along with its people, traditions and architectures. If you would ask me about how my dream house would look like, I would say that it would include all the natural elements of the Balinese-style interior and architecture like wood and earth. And the bathrooms, where it’s one of my favorite places in a house, would be the best place to showcase the features of a Balinese-inspired interior.
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I love the open space concept where you would feel so much closer to nature and the greenery just makes the whole bathroom look very inviting and refreshing to the eyes. It would feel as if you are entering the spa everyday even as you are taking a shower or a dip in the bathtub.
It would even be more awesome if it’s equipped with high-quality and luxurious bathroom accessories and fittings from Grohe. Since I am in support of eco-living and going green, I would go for eco-friendly and sustainable products that would complement my way of living green. And Grohe seems to be the best choice to go with when it comes to their eco-friendly features like Grohe Ecojoy and other water-saving shower technologies that promote sustainability. It’s only economical to go for such green products because it not only saves our precious resources but also helps us to save cost.
So, what would my green and eco-friendly bathroom be equipped with?
1. GROHE Rainshower® F-Series Multi-spray 15”
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Ceiling-mounted head showers gives you that rainfall effect everything you shower. It would be cooler if it could spritz out a cool mint scent. This Grohe masterpiece features three different spray patterns the classic 300 mm wide Rain Spray, a stress-reducing massage using 4 integrated GROHE Bokoma Sprays™ and a double refreshing XL Waterfall spray. I would love to experience that waterfall spray effect! And I guess it’s much better to shower at the comfort of your own home grounds than the actual waterfall as you will never know when the bird droppings would land right into your face.
2. GROHE Veris F-digital Bathroom Faucets


The Grohe F-digital is a wireless technology that allows you to adjust the temperature and other settings with just the touch of the button. With this precise control of temperature, you are able to have a better control of the temperature of the water without having to turn on both the cold and hot water tap and let the water run for some time before it reaches to your ideal temperature. This innovative technology really enhances users’ comfort and saves water.
3. GROHE Grandera™ Free-standing Bath/Shower Mixer


With this free-standing bath and shower mixer, you are able to place the bathtub anywhere in the bathroom. I would place it right in the middle of the bathroom, with an overlooking view of the greenery right outside the bathroom. The view of the Balinese ricefields in Ubud would make a perfect backdrop for a spa-like bath experience.

What is your dream bathroom like? 

It isn’t too far away because here’s an opportunity to take home a part of your dream bathroom with the GROHE Bathroom Accessories (worth $321) by taking part in the GROHE DREAM BATHROOM CONTEST
All you have to do is take a picture of your bathroom, Instagram it, and hashtag using#thedreambathroom, #grohe and #grohesg, and tell us in 50 words or less what to them constitutes a dream bathroom.

Winners will be selected at random by Grohe. This contest ends on 15 November 2014 at 2359hours.
As GROHE aims to provide a unique and luxurious bathroom experience for their users, Grohe is also offering you a chance to get a step closer to the dream bathroom with a 20% discount coupon on regular priced GROHE products (with no minimum purchase required). Simply present the print-out e-voucher or flash voucher n your mobile phone for redemptions.This e-voucher expires on 31 December 2014.

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