Pomi-T® : Whole Food Supplement (Vegan-friendly)

This is by far the most interest supplement I have ever come across and I was so excited when I first heard about Pomi-T® at their product launch a few weeks back. This dietary supplement is based on whole foods with ingredients obtained from plants. Unlike most other supplements in the market, Pomi-T® doesn’t contains any other artificial-made chemicals and free of contaminants and additives. 
It’s the purest form of polyphenol-rich whole foods supplement I’ve seen so far and it did actually complement the kind of diet I am taking, vegan or plant-based diet, comprising mainly of fruits and vegetables.
During the product launch at Au Petit Salut, UK Oncologist Professor Robert Thomas shared with us on his research findings on cancer and through this study, he reveals to the 4 ingredients that slows cancer growth which he have also included in Pomi-T®, a scientifically formulated natural supplement that is loaded with anti-oxidants to fight the free radicals in our body.
What are the 4 ingredients? You’d be surprise to know that these ingredients can be found easily in any supermarket. Pomi-T® is a combination 4 basic superfoods: broccoli, tumeric, pomegranate and green tea, taken across 4 different food categories – vegetable, spice, fruit and leaf. It’s pretty much like you’re eating a whole plant itself. After hearing this personally from Professor Thomas, I started to eat loads of boiled broccoli and adding tumeric into my salad dressings. 
What are the benefits of eating these polyphenol-rich containing food?

It’s one of my favourite greens and this tree-like crunchy vegetable helps to slow down the growth of malignant cancerous cells.
Images by Pomi-T

Green Tea

Research has shown that green tea inhibits the growth of damaged cells and stop malignant cells from forming new blood vessels.
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It contains natural antioxidant properties that inhibit the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells and destroy them. 
Images by Pomi-T


It possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties. 
Images by Pomi-T

What are the benefits of eating these polyphenol-rich containing food?
– Lower risks of chronic illnesses
-Lower risks of cancer
– Anti-inflammatory properties
– Anti-oxidant properties
Based on the research findings shared by Professor Thomas, Pomi-T® has a impressive anti-cancer effects in suppressing the growth of malignant cells. But that doesn’t make it a medicinal product or a pill to cure cancer, rather it’s a dietary or food supplement to introduce and supplement your dietary with more antioxidants and polyphenol (or natural plant-based phytochemicals) to help you maintain a healthier body.
Ingredients per capsule:
Broccoli powder (150mg)
Turmeric powder (150mg)
Pomegranate powder (150mg)
Green Tea extract (30mg)
Gelatine capsule (Kosher-friendly)
1 capsule twice daily 
Pomi-T® is now available at all leading pharmacies and retails for $49.90 for 60 capsules. It is currently running a promotion, retailing at $39.90, till end January 2015.

 For more information, visit http://www.pomi-t.com/.

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