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We are the artist of our lives. But sometimes, fate can get into the way and perfection becomes miles away. If I could design my perfect day, it would include preparing raw vegan meals, doing yoga, spending time with my loved ones and having a well-rested beauty sleep.

Practising yoga, for me, has somewhat evolved to become part of my lifestyle, rather than a type of fitness or exercise to train the body. I’ve got to this stage where I would like to advance in learning more about yoga and its philosophy, besides engaging myself in the various poses without really understanding much on how these poses could benefit my body.

Perhaps taking up a 200-hr yoga teacher training course would satisfy my thirst to deepen my yoga practice but I ain’t too sure if I’m up for it when I’m not flexible or even strong enough to strike that perfect pose like all the toned yogis do. Yoga workshops or retreats could be the next better option for me. So I couldn’t be any happier when I received an invitation from Tirisula Yoga, a yoga teacher training school in Singapore, to attend a 2-day bloggers’ yoga introductory workshop. It’s less intensive as compared to the yoga teachers’ training course but it gives me a little peek of what the training would be like. In addition, it will also help me prepare for the yoga retreat in Bali this coming December.

I couldn’t agree more to this quote:

“Once you made the decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tirisula yoga is located right at the heart of Bugis, along Arab Street. This is a street that is filled with so much interesting sights and sound of the mixed melting culture that is truly unique to Singapore. Since it’s pretty quiet here (especially in the early mornings), it’s quite a conducive place for yoga practice.


Stairway leading up to the yoga studio.


Tirisula Yoga also has their own shop selling yoga wear, mats and other yoga-related merchandises.


Take off your shoes and stay grounded to your feet.

Ever wonder what does Namaste truly means?

It’s a beautiful gesture which acknowledges each other’s soul. It is done with slight bow and hands pressed together, placing close to the heart centre.

Photo credit: Tirisula Yoga

Some of us here are new to this art of practice but as females, we all got an added advantage : our joints are more flexible than most guys in general.

For a start, we got together on our mats to warm up our bodies by doing a few series of Sun salutation. I remembered disliking the repetitive flow of Sun salutation when I first started doing yoga but now, I grew to appreciate the sequence and how it prepares the body for the most advances poses in yoga. If you can get your basics done properly, you will find more ease in doing most of the poses.

Photo credit: Tirisula Yoga


The bow pose is one of my favourite poses as it really opens up the chest and heart. 
Day 1’s theme was #TiriBendIt where we learnt a few yoga poses that requires flexibility in the spine and back. There’s also an Instagram challenge for us social media addicts where we post pictures of us doing the yoga poses taught during the class. 

Photo credit: Tirisula Yoga

Do yoga with an open heart and mind. 

I’m so glad to have my like-minded friend blogger, Ally to come along with me for this workshop. I think she’s now part of the yogi bandwagon after attending this workshop!

Photo credit: Tirisula Yoga

Stretch as far as you can and reach out for the stars.

Photo credit: Tirisula Yoga

Cat-cow stretch.



One of the new things I discovered my body through the workshop is the fact that I’ve a mild scoliosis where body isn’t quite balance. But hopefully, through yoga, my body posture could be corrected if not I might have lots of health body problems and issues.

Photo credit: Tirisula Yoga

Never underestimate the power of stretching exercise. It eases out the tension in the muscles and prevent injuries. I am quite prone to injuries so I often stretch a lot to loosen up the muscles and relief pain.

After all the sweat and some exhaustion experience during the morning yoga session, we all entered into our most desired zone of Shavasana. This is followed by a vegetarian-friendly lunch session and a theory session with Master Paalu. The theory session was particularly invigorating as I started to have a different perspective of yoga. It doesn’t just makes you more flexible and tone but also healthier too. And I never knew that Yoga could be thought of as a form of therapy for the sick.


The friendly folks at Trisiula!

From left: Master Paalu, Wei Ling and Pamela

Greeted with warm smiles on Day 2 of our workshop!

There’s quite abit of partner work for Day 2’s #TiriHoldIt challenge but it’s definitely more fun to do yoga with a friend or partner.


I’ve been wanting to learn the headstand pose and I never taught that they would be teaching us this pose since some of them are beginners. But it’s pretty cool that some of them despite being new to yoga, could pull off this pose!


The Crow Pose

This is another pose I’m working on to conquer it as well and I’m glad that it was taught during this workshop. The useful tip here is to use the block to help you elevate your legs so that you can lift off easily and to position your hips properly to get a better balance.


Balancing and holding for long in these poses can definitely make you break a sweat. It’s really a good workout! To replenish our body with fluids, we had cold infused tea from Infuusa Tea!


You should definitely pop by Tirisula Yoga Shop to view their collection of chic yoga wear and mats! You will know what I mean when you view the photos below.



For lunch that day, we had vegetable platter with dipping sauce, home-cooked beehoon, fruit platter and cupcakes!


When life give you lemons, squeeze and juice it to extract all the vitamins in it that will make you stronger when the going gets tough!


A spectacular view of the mosque from Tirisula Yoga.


RRRrrring! Time for class!


Day 2’s theory session was conducted by Master Wei Ling who shared with us about Aryuveda and the three different body types or doshas. I find it pretty cool to learn about the 3 doshas and discovering which body type you belong to. It’s almost like a personality test where you learn about thyself, nutrition which best suits you and even the type of yoga classes that you should try.

I’m quite a true blue Kapha myself. Knowing my strengths and accepting my flaws have made me feel more connected with my soul. So I guess, this is what I am and I need make full use of my capabilities and work on other areas to strengthen the other energies to be balanced.


It would be pretty awesome if I can spend some time away from work and just get myself immerse in yoga practice. Eat clean, sleep peacefully and teach yoga everyday. This is what most yogis would probably envisioned their life to be. Nothing is more inspiring than to have a yoga teacher who teaches you to breathe, understand your body and help you experience success in doing some of the difficult poses. They are not instructors who merely conduct yoga classes for cash and recognition but for the love to help others to heal and to spread the word of love and peace. I’m only glad to have met such inspirational yoga teachers as I was embarking on my yoga journey.

So, what’s next?

Okay, let me get headstand pose and crow pose right first.


Words of wisdom that stays with you.

Here’s a video I took during the workshop. Nothing beats the video which is a better representation of reality.

A big thank you to all the sponsors of this event:

Rachel K
Provence Distribution
Nu Smoothie
Coco Water
The Fitness Grocer


And finally, my heartfelt thanks to Master Wei Ling, Master Paalu, Pamela, Hui Yan and all other members at Tirisula Yoga for organizing this amazing Yoga workshop!
Want to experience and witness how yoga could transform your body, mind and soul? Tirisula Yoga is conducting a 50-Hour Yoga Transformation training course soon! Check out the details below!

About Tirisula Yoga
Tirisula Yoga is a yoga teacher training school which provides internationally recognized certification (from Yoga Alliance U.S.A.) for their students that would enable them to teach yoga in Singapore and across all countries. Some of their courses include the 50-hr Yoga for Self Practice, 200-hr Yoga Teachers Training and 500-hr Yoga Teachers Training.
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