Ultherapy Neck Lift : No More Necklines!

Recently, Ulthera System has made waves in the aesthetic and beauty industry with their Ultherapy Decolletage and Neck treatment, a non-invasive procedure that improves the lines and wrinkles form on the neck. Not that I have lots of necklines but it’s the mere fact that we all age and I fear that deep neck lines will start forming no matter even if I apply moisturizer on that area religiously. Lines still do haunt me at times, especially in neglected areas like our neck. If only the neck lines are pencil lines which could be erase visibly with a rubber, I wouldn’t have to keep massaging the skin around my neck area. But in the battle for youthfulness, we got to conquer it all with tonnes of beauty products which can be quite a hassle.

An intelligent and efficient way to keep your neck line-free is actually to increase or maintain the natural formation of collagen and elastin in the skin as we age. Naturally, it’s not possible because our collagen levels will take a deep plunge once we reach 25. But artificially, it can be done so through the help of machines that powered on innovative technologies to help reverse the situation and turn back time. And what’s this new time machine I am talking about? It’s the Ulthera system that could be used for non-invasive dermatological sculpting and lifting of the face, under chin, neck and decolletage.

Right, so you might be wondering why I am writing so much about this treatment which are more suited for the older age groups where lines are already formed. Well, that’s because I was amazed by the results of this treatment that gave me smoother skin around my neck. Also, prevention is better than cure. I would rather get the treatment now than to do it later where the imperfections have started to show up!

So here I was, at CSK aesthetics, where I did my Ultherapy neck lift treatment which was quite an experience for me!

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared treatment for a non-invasive neck lift. It’s non-surgical, no downtime and requires only the use of ultrasound to help smoothened out those necklines. It uses imaging and micro-focused ultrasound therapy capabilities to target areas and deliver the precise amount of ultrasound energy right deep into the skin layers.

The ultrasound imaging help allows my aesthetic doctor to visualize the various skin tissue layers before performing the treatment.

 The images might not be very clear but you can see some faint neck lines at my neck area and I guess it’s about time to zap them away because these stubborn lines doesn’t smoothen out easily even with high-quality creams.

 Before the treatment, I had numbing gel applied all over my neck and chin area. I even ate one panadol just in case I couldn’t bear the pain. I would say that the pain is a combination of the intense heat from the ultrasound radiation as well as the sharp tingling sensation of the ultrasound wave pulses that would jolt the skin tissues. It might be bearable to some who do not mind the temporary sharp biting sensation that last for a second or so. It felt like as if a big red ant was biting on my neck and I felt that it was bearable for the first few minutes. Subsequently, it gets a little more unbearable when the heat kicks in. Temperatures could reach up to 60 to 70 degree celsius! This high heat intensity denatures collagen and initiates neocollageneis. But the numbing gel and cooling gel plays a big part in soothing the skin. And the assurance from the doctors can help to calm me down.

The whole treatment lasted for about 30 minutes or so because I felt so liberated and relieve! Done! 

There isn’t any redness or after effects from the treatment for me but it really varies among different patients. The results are not immediate too as it might take weeks or months before you can witness the results. For me, I noticed that the skin around my neck area felt so soft and smooth. The difference in skin texture was eminent and right now the neck lines area are getting fainter. What I really like about this treatment is its long-term efficacy where this benefits of this treatment could last for a pretty long time (more than a year or so) , as compared to radio-frequency or laser treatments. Such treatments only send energy waves to the superficial layers of the skin but with ultrasound, it can reach about 4.5mm skin deep, reaching the fat and muscle tissues.

Now, that I’ve learnt so much about ultrasound, I know it doesn’t just help submarines to find out the depth or to produce imaging in pregnant women’s stomachs to check on their babies. It’s a weapon to fight aging as well.

Who says we can’t defy gravity?

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