V-Shaped Face: Sharper, Slimmer, Narrower and Firmer

We’ve all read about using beauty products like lifting creams and serums helped to contour the face to create that V-shape face, haven’t we? Having that V-shaped face is is still favorable among most women (despite the U-shape face trend where roundish or heart-shaped face with high puffy cheeks makes you look 10 years younger) because it makes your face looked smaller and slimmer. However, if you are getting ready for an once-in-a-lifetime and life-changing event of your life (e.g wedding or meeting a potential date), then you might want to seek for aesthetic treatments which gives you immediate results. Talking about efficiency and better results, most people are heading to the aesthetic clinics for a quick beauty job done to beautify themselves.
As a Samplestore seeder, I got an opportunity to try out ClearSK’s V-face sharper treatment at their Velocity outlet in Novena. I’ve tried out 4 sessions so far but I would need at least 6 sessions to see better results!

Their treatment made use of two technologies: ultrasound waves and unipolar Radio Frequency which help in fat reduction, skin tightening and facial contouring. This treatment is targeted mainly on areas like sagging cheeks, double chin/jaws or crowfeet near the eyes. 
I am very open to this sort of treatments where no needle, surgery or pain is involved. There is also no downtime so it’s very much similar to a facial treatment where you could head out for a party even right after the treatment. In addition, it’s almost pain-free and very tolerable as there isn’t much discomfort unless you considered the warm sensation on your skin is highly intolerable.
The treatment itself is about 45 minutes to an hour long. Your face would be cleansed first fellowed by the use of the Accent ultrasound machine where both cold and hot ultrasound waves are sent deep down into the skin beneath to shear off the fat layers and break apart the fat cells. There’s this light pulsating waves trickled down on your skin, followed with a slightly warm sensation that spreads across the area. The sensation must have felt somewhat comfortable because within minutes, I started to doze off.
Next comes the use of Accent radio-frequency (RF)  unilage mode it heats up the dermis layer to stimulate collagen formation and to increase firmness in the skin. Unlike other RF machines I’ve tried before, this machine actually has an in-built cooling mechanism to cool off the skin as it transmit heat into the skin deep. As such, the heat was bearable.
Lastly, the treatment ended off with a pampering mask session to soothe and hydrate the skin.
I completed my four weekly treatments over the span of one month and I felt that my skin around my cheek area is firmer and the laughing lines have also fade quite abit. The layer of fat around my cheeks has also felt thinner when I give it a pinch. Although it might not look like my cheeks have sunken in to produce that V-shape effect, I am satisfied with the other benefits that the treatment has brought upon to my skin.
For more information, visit http://www.clearsk.com/

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