Which Type of Yoga Works Best for You?

A couple of days ago, I attended a 2-day introductory yoga course. One of the greatest take-away for me is learning about the 3 different body types (or dosha) based on Aryuvedic medicine. Knowing which body type you possess will shed some light on the type of yoga that works best for you. Instead of choosing the type of yoga class which you are most comfortable with, why not choose a suitable yoga type based on your own body type to balance the energies in your body?

Do the Dosha Test to find out which body type you belongs to!

The 3 Doshas

Source: http://www.kimmana.com/

1) Vata (Elements : Air, Space)

You belong to the Vata body type, you will tend to rather impulsive and impatient as such you tend to gravitate towards fast-paced yoga styles like Vinyasa flow. But in order to balance out your energy, you need to do more slow-paced yoga style like Yin Yoga (deep and quiet yoga) or Hatha yoga. Yin Yang yoga classes would be perfect because you could get to do a mix of Yin Yoga and Yang yoga (energizing yoga).

2) Pitta (Elements: Fire)

People with a Pitta body type has got fire in their eyes. They are often very passionate, strong-headed, results-oriented and determine. These people would enjoy heated and intense yoga sessions like hot yoga and Bikram. Ideally, they could also go for non-hot yoga classes like core yoga, Hatha or Yin to cool down their warm bodies.

3) Kapha (Elements: Earth, Water)

Kaphas usually got a larger body frame than the other two doshas and personality-wise, they are calm, stable and friendly. I personally have a predominant Kapha body type. I do enjoy gentle yoga like Yin Yoga where I can get a deep stretch but I know I should be balancing it out by attending more Vinyasa yoga, Hatha flow or Hot yoga classes.

And I am just glad to know that the yoga studio I’ve been frequenting regularly is now offering Vinyasa flow classes. I can’t wait to try out the other classes such as core yoga and Yin Yang yoga! And it’s pretty cool to know that they are offering more classes in their monthly schedule which has definitely spiced things up for any regular yoga practitioners or yogi at Meraki. There’s currently 10 different types of yoga classes offered at Meraki Yoga and I’ve only tried 3 types so far!

For more information on the yoga classes and schedule at Meraki Yoga, visit their Facebook Page for the latest updates and promotions.

It’s such a beautiful space to practise the art of yoga.

Meraki Yoga
7 One North Gateway
One North Residences #01-15
Singapore 138642
T: 68723711 / 91727712


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