Benta Berry : Natural Skincare Line for the Youthful Skin


Strike the iron while it’s hot! While your skin is still at its’ prime, the more attention you should pay to it. It would already be too late if you only start using skincare products in your early or mid twenties. But soon, you will realize that most of the skincare products in the market targets at mature skin with several high-quality skincare products that has anti-aging benefits. There are very few skincare brands that really targets at youth. Needless to say, there are hardly any natural skincare brands around that contains natural active ingredients to address skin problems that occurred among the youths. When I was in my teens, I faced the same problem of purchasing products in the drugstores that suits the young skin. Most of the time, the drugstore products are too rich and I often get breakouts as a result of using these products that were meant for older skin.

But now, there is a French natural skincare line, BENTA BERRY that is spreading its wings to Singapore by introducing their various skincare ranges to meet the unique needs of the boys’ and girls’ skin between the ages of 15 to 30. Gosh… thank goodness I’m still within the age range to try out BENTA BERRY.

The birth of Benta Berry took place in France and it was initiated by Marie-Pierre Schmitz who has a son that faces skin problems. She was determined to seek for an effective long term solution to treat teenagers’ skin problems in general with less consequences rather than relying on medical treatments that were too often comes with side effects. I guess she must have discovered, too, that the solution lies in nature. She worked closely with Dr. Naima Zerrouk, a teacher-researcher for the INSERM Institute (the French National institute of Health and Medical Research) and head of the first European Master in Cosmetics, who developed innovative formulas for the BENTA BERRY skin care lines in her cosmetics research unit, at University Paris Descartes, in the heart of Paris, France.

Benta Berry targets at multiethnic young skin and it is made from natural plant extracts that I also truly believe that these natural ingredients would nourish and heal the skin. All these plant extracts were carefully extracted using a globally unique extraction technology called Zeodratation and a drying technique. Through this extraction techniques, the extracts are 5 to 10 times more superior than the extracts traditionally found in plants. And each active molecule found in these potent extracts is called Phytami. What is interesting is how multicultural their products are as they uses natural ingredients found across the various regions around the world.


I was given 3 BENTA BERRY ranges : preventive face line for girls, boys and unisex to do a review. In this post, I will talk about their preventive face and body line for girls and their preventive face range for both boys and girls. I will be writing a separate review for their preventive face and body for the boys’ in my next post. So, stay tuned!



Each of their products where labelled with a number so that you would know what to use first as part of a proper skincare regime.

1. Girls Cleansing Face Wash

This is a tropical concoction of natural actives like pineapple, mango, lime and coconut oil. Each ingredients has a function that helps in making this product as a effective cleanser in hydration, regulating sebaceous glands, deep cleansing, refine skin texture and skin brightening. I like using this gel-like mild cleanser in the morning as it smells refreshing and it gently remove the oil and debris from the skin without stripping the natural moisture and oils of the skin.

2. Girls Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Their exfoliating facial cleanser stands out as a gentle facial scrub with ground apricot seeds that promotes skin radiance and skin purification. I would use this exfoliating facial cleanser about two to three times weekly, focusing mainly on my oily T-zone areas, to remove the dead skin cells and reveal the fresh new youthful skin. This product would work great especially for oily and acne-prone skin as it contains phytami grapefruit that helps reduce acne.

3. Girls Moisturizing Face Cream

My apprehension of using their face cream was uncalled for when I knew how light weighted this moisturizer was. Cream-based products were not suited for my skin type but I decided to give their moisturizing face cream a try and so far, they were no breakouts. But I suggest that you use sparingly based on our hot and humid climate we are living in as you have very dry skin. So if you are living in a colder climate, you might want to slather on a little more to moisturize the skin.


My morning routine includes a raspberry banana nice cream for breakfast and BENTA BERRY facial cleanser and moisturizer. It would be cool if they could include a sunscreen in their skincare range!


Left to Right : Facial cleanser, Exfoliating cleanser, Moisturizing Face cream


BENTA BERRY also has a Girls’ body line which includes a cleansing exfoliating body gel that contains cranberry, mango, grapefruit, blueberry, camellia oil and ground apricot seeds. It’s almost edible minus all the other chemicals that were found in the product. The skin covering our body shouldn’t be neglected as well. This product would benefit those with back acne problem as the scrub helps to remove dead skin cells to prevent acne formation. It has become one of my favourite bath products too.



This skincare range is meant for both boys and girls who are facing acne problems or have very oily skin type. These products contain natural ingredients that helps to regulate sebum secretion, reduce redness and combats acne. If you are having a problematic skin type, you could use this range of products instead. It contains active ingredients like burdock that helps regulate sebum secretion, white deadnettle as an astringent to reduce redness and zinc pidolate to promote healing, fight against acne and reduce sebum secretions. I wish these products were made available in my youths when I was fighting hard against acne! Most of the pimple-fighting skincare products I used back then were too drying on my skin.

This range also includes a cleansing and regulating face wash, regulating exfoliating facial cleanser and regulating moisturizer.

Other than the effectiveness of their products, another point worth mentioning is their eco-efforts in protecting the earth. All of their cosmetics are based on 100% natural active, eco-responsible and
100% made in France, including packaging.


Do support such green products for a more sustainable future for our younger generations!

A Bientot!

Now available online on  BENTA BERRY.SG  and Le Bono Collection.

For more information on BENTA BERRY products, do visit their website: or BENTA BERRY facebook page. 

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