Diamond Education Session @ JANNPAUL: Scope Out Your Bling

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If there could only be that one diamond ring that symbolizes your love and romance with your other half, how would that one special diamond ring look like? Sure, you would customized your own design of the wedding band but with so many different types of diamonds to choose from, what would you choose? For an idiot like me who knew nuts about diamonds but only for its value and brilliance, I pretty much need to be educate in diamonds and its different cuts so I am better at choosing right the guy who offers a diamond that could capture my heart.

I could read up all about diamonds but I guess nothing is as interesting and effective than to learn about diamonds from the experts. At JannPaul, they offer complimentary diamond education sessions to their clients so they are well-informed of their purchases. Even if you are not intending to purchase a diamond from them, they are more than happy to share with you all about the sparkle and brilliance behind this precious stone.

JannPaul is part of our local diamond industry which provides the latest, best and high quality diamond cuts at affordable prices. It was started by three friends in which two of them are second-generation diamond specialists whose families are in the jewellery business. They are one of the first local jewellers to incorporate 3-dimensional technology for their ring customization service. They also have their own in-house jewellery designers who are able to customize and tailor the ring designs to suit your needs. Games of Thrones? Not a problem at all. I would love my customized ring to have pretty florals and perhaps my initials on it. It’s that one and only unique ring that makes you, the receiver of the ring, really special.

Photo credit: JannPaul

That evening, we had Casey, a diamond specialist, who shared with us about the diamond basics, importance of cuts and pitfalls to avoid while shopping for diamonds. He also talked about the ring setting and customization services offered at JannPaul. It was a load full of information which I can’t stomach everything in one shot but it’s very informative for first-time engagement ring buyers who intend to buy that ‘forever diamond’ for their loved ones.

The diamonds sold at JannPaul are certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and it comes with a grading report or dossier that shows the carat weight, shape, clarity, colour, cut and other measurements of the diamond.

When purchasing diamonds, you should consider looking into the 4C’s of the diamond. The 4C’s are carat weight, clarity, cut and colour. I guess most would dive right down to question about the carat weight because it determines the price of the diamond. More than often, that is the first thing that would come to my mind whenever I spot someone wearing a sparkling diamond ring.

“Wow! So shiny! How many carats?”

“A dozen carrots.” (If only wedding rings are made edible…)

Essentially, what is most important in the eyes of most jeweler is not the carat size but the cut of the diamond. It is the cut of the diamond that affects the appearance and beauty of the diamond. A well cut and proportioned diamond will have a higher brilliance, fire and scintillation. And because the cut determines the outlook of the diamond, it will also have an impact on its price. A diamond with a high cut grade will command a higher price-per-carat.

So, remember, when you are shopping for diamond rings, don’t just look at the carats but also the cut!

We got to see some really cool up-close images of the various diamonds using an ideal-scope to gauge its brilliance and the hearts and arrows scope to view the cut of the diamonds
Photocredit: JannPaul
This diamond is JannPaul’s super ideal cut diamond with perfect 8 symmetrical hearts and 8 arrows. It was viewed using the hearts and arrows scope. This diamond comes in perfect symmetry and it looks flawless!

I wouldn’t leave this place without trying on some blings!

For him and for her.
Hope to have my rings customized here someday!

 For more information, do visit their website http://jannpaul.com/ or like their Facebook page 
 https://www.facebook.com/JannPaulDiamonds for more news and updates.

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