Dulux, Let’s Colour : A Makeover for My Bedroom – Choosing the Right Colour

This is unlike any other blog challenge or project I’ve undertaken before and I was over the rainbow when I received news that I will be working with Dulux to get my bedroom walls painted with a fresh new coat of paint. It’s just about time to refurnish those walls that enclose my living space where I spent hours, days, weeks and years doing creative work there. It’s time to start anew with my current lifestyle where I took a major transformation in my perspective of life as a human.  I love being close to nature, feeding myself with whole foods and using sustainable products that are less harmful to the environment. I truly also need to revamp my living space to bring in more light and warmth that would add comfort, stability, tranquility and inspiration to my life. 
I’m probably not the only one who needs a makeover. Whenever you feel like you are falling off the tracks and losing the motivation to even do the things you love, it’s time for you to make that switch in your surroundings to breathe in new air. Empty out that closet, wear a new style of makeup, get a new hairdo, exercise to get fitter or redo your bedroom then embrace that transformation which will add a touch of excitement to your life. As long as the sun comes down and goes up the next day, you could always head off for a fresh start. 
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I’ve invested a great deal of time, effort and money to nurture my mind, body and soul so perhaps this time, I would focus on revamping my living space. Thus, this blog collaboration with Dulux really come as timely as I needed a change pretty badly. As a green blogger and nature lover, I am also glad that Dulux paint is environmental-friendly preferred paint and is Singapore GreenLabel certified. So having that said, the bigger question here is – what colour should I pick for my bedroom walls?
This is one hell of a nerve-wrecking question that has been bothering for some time now.
Should I go for my favourite colour? But I’ve got several favourite colours! Oh, and which shade or tone of colour should I choose? Gosh, there’s way too many colours to choose from!  ( You will get the idea of what I meant when you view Dulux’s colour palette.)  #IdealistProblem
The bloggers’ event held by Dulux at Arteastiq has definitely helped me to narrow down my choices of colours and understand how colours had an impact and influence in our lives.
Arteastiq is a tea lounge-cum-art jamming studio located at Marina Mandarin Gallery.
As expected, we are going to have some fun experimenting with colours during the briefing session!
Goodie bag from Dulux! 
This is a super important tool in our goodie bag which informed us on how to pair up colours. We were taught how to use this colour wheel to help us decide the colour of the wall and furnishings. Prior to that, we learnt about the colour therapy and how colours can evoke a certain mood or behaviour. Colours do add a sparkle to your life!
I do have a bedroom theme in mind which has greatly helped me to narrow down my choices of colours. My current bedroom is looking very ‘girly’ with all the various shades of light pink. This time, I wanted a colour with more depth that would suits the matured me. No more girlish pink tones for me. This time, I wanted my bedroom to have a romantic, feminine and dreamy feel. So, I would definitely have to go with purple. It’s a colour that symbolizes royalty, luxury, wisdom, grandeur, mystery, independence, peace and creativity. This colour pretty much speaks about me and what I yearn for in life.

In reality, my bedroom looks rather messy with cracking wall paints.
Photo credit : bathroomideaz.com
It would be awesome if I own a big room this big! I probably couldn’t settle for satin or silk bedsheets and pillow cases for its high costs so I might not want to go for that Royal theme but rather, a chic and modern style that is pretty enough to make me want to spend more time in my room.




Needed help with choosing your theme and colour? Dulux has this pretty comprehensive webpage on colour inspiration that would give you some idea on the type of theme and colour which would excite you. Take your pick!

I was also affirmed by my choice of colour after using Dulux Visualizer, an app which helps you to visualise your wall being painted in that colour of your choice. It’s a super cool app! Watch this video below and you will understand what I mean.


The world is just like a plain canvas, waiting for us to splash colours on it.

How would yours look like?


During this hands-on session, we were tasked to pick two colours using the colour wheel. In this case, I picked purple and its analogous colour, which is blue-green.


I wouldn’t really know what to paint if we were told to do this freestyle. Thankfully, we were guided to do this artwork together using simple brushing techniques and stencils.


It can be really therapeutic to just sit here for hours and get your eyes feasted on vibrant colours and other beautiful things.


I go gaga over florals and anything that looked sweet and lovely.

This really reminded me of what I did during art in primary school; using a sponge to dab, dab and dab. I might want to paint a stencil wall painting to jazz up the plain-looking walls. It would be fun doing it as well!

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts and videos on my room transformation! Meanwhile, I hope you are inspired to start something afresh in your life as well. You can start by visiting Dulux website and Dulux SG Facebook page to check out their beautiful colour scheme, room inspirations and cool products.

Need help with painting? Enjoy an additional $30 off painting packages when you quote DG550 when you call 6265 0677 to enquire on the painting packages by Dulux.

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