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Dulux Wash and Wear: There’s a Kid in Everyone

If you have read my first blog post on my bedroom transformation, you will know that the Dulux’s team of professional painters are coming down to help injecting colours into my current living space! I trust Dulux with their high quality range of paint products that really addresses the needs of any savvy homemaker. Besides, I grew up watching Dulux advertisements on TV and it’s always that same familiar brand of paint that people often go back to. As times have change, Dulux products have evolved too. Its products gone through several innovations to emerge as a better product to suit our needs. It’s no longer just a paint to colour the walls but a paint that brings convenience to our lives.

When I first move into my current house with my family, everything – from the walls to the furniture and decor – looks new and perfect. We didn’t think much how everything, from the paint to the decor, is going to last us till we click on the ‘fast-forward’ button to witness the current state of the walls and decor. There’s a reason why I value the quality of products in particular interior wall paint because after years of moving into my house, the coat of wall paint starts to crack and the colour slowly fades as the years went by. Besides, the walls in my bedroom hasn’t been repainted since 14 years ago. Okay, there’s no excuse now. It’s really time to splash some colours all over!

Marks and stains were difficult to remove then. It could only be wiped off powerful alcohol wipes to dissolve the stains but at the same time, the paint also comes off together with the stain and markings. Over some time, my interior walls in my bedroom looked very patchy and unsightly. It’s a little embarrassing showing you the current condition of my walls but I had to, because I might never have the chance to show you again once I’ve a fresh coat of Dulux paint painted over.


Cracks lines that are waiting to be mended.


Patchy coloured walls with stains and other ‘nasty stuff’.

Please stand up if you have walls like mine! At this point, you would have gone, ‘eweee!’ I’m not surprised because if you look closely, there are some unwanted living organisms growing on the walls. I can’t bear the sight of these fungi staring at me every time I sleep in bed but I can’t help it, because it is not easy to strip off these nasty looking things with merely a wet cloth. That is why we all need this one product from Dulux to refrain all these problems from blossoming. If you are planning to repaint your walls, you might want to consider Dulux Wash and Wear paint to make your life a breeze. I am pretty sure your walls would be smiling back at you too.

Source: dulux.com.sg

What makes this product so desirable is its five special features :
1) Kidproof Technology that repels tough stain
2) Washable and easy cleaning
3) Colourguard technology that keeps colours looking fresh longer
4) Low odour, even when freshly painted
5) Environmentally preferred paint (Singapore Green Label Certified)

Dulux Wash and Wear is formulated with KidProof Technologyâ„¢ resists and repels most liquids stains like water, soft drinks, fruit juices, dark soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, yoghurt, ice-cream and even stains like chalk, fluorescent pen, dust and mud. It works simply by slowing down the penetration of the stains into the paint. I may not have kids running about in my bedroom right now but there are always occasions where my bedroom walls would get unintentionally stained or dirtied by soiled shoes and dirty hands. But with Dulux Wash and Wear paint, all these household stains could be wiped off easily with a wet cloth and some detergent.


During the event organised by Dulux and Omy, I managed to witness the effectiveness of Dulux Wash and Wear in repelling stains and liquids. The panel on the left is painted with Dulux Wash and Wear while the panel on the right is painted with a regular paint. It seems like the Dulux Wash and Wear paints works as a better shield to prevent the penetration of the liquid. 

I would think that parents with kids, in particular, would be glad to know that there are such products around unless you have artistic kids that had similar genes to Van Gogh.

The group of people who might dislike this type of paint is the detectives as traces of evidences could be easily removed with a single swipe. But they are the ones who are going to have a difficult time to scrubbing the walls.

Besides it’s washable and easy to clean, Dulux Wash and Wear is also low in odour and dries up quickly between 2 to 4 hours. As such, I would be able to sleep in my cosy room on the same day my bedroom walls were painted. You know that pungent paint smell, do you?! Inhaling too much of these paint odours can be rather harmful too. But it would be way awesome if they could come up with a scented paint that smells exactly like lavender or cinnamon. It’s probably going to be a hit!

Another feature worth mentioning is Dulux’s green initiative in creating products that were more eco-friendly. Their energy-saving principle are to provide high quality paints so that lesser paint is needed to achieve a better effect and to reduce its packaging to save the earth. They also have a community project called Let’s Colour that donates paint to local community projects. As a socially-conscious consumer, I would definitely give a thumbs up for their efforts in making the world a better place to live in.

Watch this video below and you will be able to see what I mean.

“I’m sorry…”

You will learn how to be more gracious with Dulux Wash and Wear.

I’m pretty excited about my bedroom transformation and I can’t wait to transform my four walls into four gigantic whiteboards. Since I can wiped off stains so easily, so why can’t I scribble and pen down my thoughts across all walls? That would be so freaking awesome when my room has turned into one giant notebook. Who needs paintings, anyway?

There’s a kid in everyone.

My current bedroom looks spooky…

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts and videos on my room transformation! Meanwhile, I hope you are inspired to start something afresh in your life as well. You can start by visiting Dulux website and Dulux SG Facebook page to check out their beautiful colour scheme, room inspirations and cool products.

Need help with painting? Enjoy an additional $30 off painting packages when you quote DG550 when you call 6265 0677 to enquire on the painting packages by Dulux.

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