PS Love : No More Period Blues + Heavy Periods

” My stomach hurts and I had a terrible headache. I am in a terrible mood. What do to?”
For those girlies out there who dreads menses like I do, here’s something to be delighted about. When the time of the month is here, it could also be a time to celebrate by showering more love, attention and care on yourself. Perhaps it’s also a day to celebrate womanhood and the times where we are entitled to have special perks like getting better treatment from the other gender and getting away from work with menstrual cramps.

But what if you are suffering from a HMB?

I also receive an information guide booklet on Heavy Periods by Bayer Healthcare Singapore. I was rather surprise to know that heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is not normal as I thought the amount of menstrual bleeding differs from individual. So I thought if it’s heavy, it’s OK except that it is more inconvenient. I use to have heavy menstrual bleeding when I first started menstruating and I hated it! I experienced more painful menstrual cramps and often feel dizzy due to the heavy blood loss. It’s actually a medical condition but I never seek any medical help or advice back then. I guess it only started to get less heavy when I grew older and my menstrual cycle became more regular.
How do you know if you are having HMB? By definition, it is a regular menstrual blood loss of more than 80 ml of blood per month during a menstruation of normal length (5 to 7 days)(Warner PE, 2004). HMB can have detrimental effects on health thus it’s important for women with heavy periods to seek medical help. 
Causes of HMB includes:
Hormonal imbalance
Infections of the womb and cervix
Organic abnormalities of the womb
Other diseases like high blood pressure, diseases of the heart and kidney, Adnexitis (infection of the Fallopian tubes or the ovaries) and thyroid disease
Can anything be done about HMB? YES! There are medical treatments for HMB which includes hormonal preparation, medications and surgery. It’s best to seek the doctors for more medical advice on this so you don’t have to compromise on your daily life activities due to HMB.
” Doctor, I am having stomach cramps now. Can you give me an MC?”
There’s more reason to embrace this monthly natural phenomenal with PS Love coming into the picture to send you boxes of love with goodies and the essentials for a happy period. And remember, if you are having a heavy period for a long period of time, do pay special attention to it and seek medical help as soon as possible.
I had a peek into their monthly subscription boxes and was delighted to find a box full of surprises to make my period days a happier one.
There were pads, heat packs, chocolates, teas and healthy goodies in it. I particularly like their healthy snacks like MadeGood Granola, fruits sticks, Snackimals organic cookies and PMS Cinnamon tea. There’s also an all natural menstrual heat pack that help ease menstrual cramps and backaches.

This novelty service by PS Love is simple. No time to purchase your pads and get all the painkillers required during your period? Then, get a Period Care package delivered to your house whenever the moon is here. It’s customizable. You choose what you need and want in the package and they will deliver it to you, right at your doorstep, before your next period starts. The rates are pretty affordable and there’s a free delivery!
The selection of pads is huge as they stock on popular feminine pad and tampon brands which are available at our local drugstores. They even offer the latest products from brands like Kotex and Laurier. You could even try mix and match different brands and types of sanitary pads to suit your monthly flow. 
Let’s turn PMS, a pretty miserable situation to a pretty sunny situation!

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