Shine Bright Like A Diamond : The Wedding Ring

As a child, I would fall in love with anything that sparkles or glitters under light. If I could only choose one word that represent me, it would have to be the word, ‘glitz’. I couldn’t do away with glitter and I even dreamt of having my own lifestyle, fashion and beauty brand called ‘Glitz’. I was pretty into fulfilling this dream of mine as I even went on to create my own Glitz pouches and distribute them to my friends.
And one of the glittering things I couldn’t resist is diamonds. Diamonds are like glittering stars in the night sky and they are worth so much for their brilliance and shine. Diamonds are dubbed as a woman’s best friend not because they can make a woman look more elegant and beautiful but the mere fact that diamonds are made up of a million pieces of mirror that reflects a soul. With that diamond ring that wraps around your finger, it will reflect glints of light that would catch the attention of any eyes. It’s a true beauty that has gone through years of weathering, heat and pressure to emerge as a flawless stone. Thus, it symbolizes everlasting love and eternity that comes as a result of undergoing all the rough patches before achieving perfection. To me, the wedding ring is such an important gift of love. More important than the wedding banquets, flowers and anything else. I would rather spend all that money on just that one ring that truly reflects the love we nurture.
What’s your ideal wedding ring? No, I am not going to marry anytime soon though it would be pretty fun to fall in love and start shopping for wedding rings. I would probably go for a customized ring like the ones found at Anjolee. You could just the metal type, carat weight, diamond quality and ring size too. Well, one size doesn’t fits all so it’s best to get it customized and tailored to the way you want it to be.
If you have to choose a wedding ring, please do choose a unique one or at least something different from the usual rings. I mean, you wouldn’t want anybody else to be wearing the same exact ring as you do? No way, I am not sharing my husband with another women, really.
So if I have to choose a ring, I would dig into this flower design eternity band from Anjolee and if any guy gives me this exact ring, I might consider sticking to him for the rest of my life.
Photo credit: Anjolee
The awesome thing about shopping for rings at Anjolee is that you could view the jewelry from different angles and format.Watch how the ring rotates in 360 degrees! How cool is that? You could even visualize how it would look like on your finger!
Why the flower design? Because flowers are not everlasting so if it’s in the form of a diamond ring, it will last for an eternity. Petals do not wilt and love doesn’t dwindle but grow stronger each day.
Once you’ve selected your ring, choose the type of metal (white gold, gold or platinum) and diamond quality. I would go for the best of everything so ensure it shines for an eternity. Right, so maybe the number of carats isn’t that large in number but who cares as long it’s made out of REAL diamonds. When you purchase diamonds, make sure that it comes with a certificate of Authenticity. If I were to purchase this ring, it comes with a luxurious wooden jewelry box and Anjolee’s certificate of authenticity. It also comes with a 30-Day return policy and free shipping too!

Check out more of their eternity bands here! 

Well, if you are like me, who knew nuts about diamonds, you can read up more information about diamonds on their website as well.
And ladies, don’t be afraid to ask for the type of wedding ring you have been dreaming of because you would probably only have one chance of doing so unless you are planning to store a collection of wedding rings in your jewelry box.
Stay awesome!

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