Soulscape : Yoga By the Beach @ Sentosa

I was invited by intheLoop to Soulscape, which is a yoga festival which combines yoga, music and dance and it is held at a beautiful location, right at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. There were also fringe activities like fun yogi and fitness workshops like acroyoga, Sup yoga, slacklining and surfset. And the highlights of the event were the Sunset yoga and Yoga Rave which is held in the evening.
I managed to catch the Sunset yoga with my vegan buddy, Xue Ying, when we arrived at the white sandy beach. I haven’t been to the beaches at Sentosa for a super long time and I must say that the beaches there are clean and quite pristine.
We head over to Giant Hypermart at Vivo before the event to buy some fresh produce like vegetables and fruits to snack on. It’s good thing that my buddy believes in eating nutritious whole foods too. We had riped bananas, watermelon and a pack of kale for dinner.
I can’t express the great joy of eating fresh yummy fruits in the middle of the beach, by the sea, with that gentle sea breeze caressing your face as you breathe in clean air. The air seems so much fresher and crisp there!
Sunset Yoga
It was really quite an experience doing yoga outdoors where I felt closer to the earth and nature itself. There is more openness and freedom with each breath that you take. I was drawing in all the sights and sounds in the surroundings as I moved from one yoga pose to another. And with the heat of the setting sun that warms up your skin, I felt more liberated and connected to my mind, body and soul. It does feel great to be in this together with the strong yoga community in Singapore.
Whether you are a weekend warrior, amateur in yoga, yogi or beginner, there’s something for you to take away after each yoga session. Maybe you realize there’s a little tight spot here and there… or you felt calmer and less tense after yoga.
It was quite an experience doing yoga on sand with my mat! It did get really sandy and I had to brush off those tiny prickly particles off my mat before it causes abrasion on my skin. But I like that the ground is soft so doing headstands wouldn’t be that painful with your head pivoting against the ground.
Little ones like scrambling around to poke fun of the adults. Why? They must be thinking why are we acting like turtles.
Photo time after an hour and a half of sunset yoga.
We left our mats and visited the various booths to check out if there are any freebies or exciting stuff waiting for us. It wasn’t that exciting though as they were either only trying to sell or market their products and services. 
Later in the evening, we stayed on for yoga rave which is pretty cool but I didn’t manage to take any pictures as it was super dark. But we wore fluorescent light stick loops around our wrist just so we can make ourselves seen in the dark amongst the other yogis (kidding). It must be a pretty spectacular sight to see so many yogis with light sticks gathered at the beach doing yoga. The yoga session was quite challenging as it is pitched at the intermediate level but when there isn’t a challenge, there won’t be any progress in learning yoga. 
More challenges poses to come and I have to conquer it one at a time.
Hope to attend Soulscape again next year! 

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