Wedding Performance @ St.Regis Singapore : 豆浆油条 (The Love Between Soyabean curd with Fritter Dough)

This is one of my highlights for this year 2014 where I was invited to perform for my best friend’s brother’s wedding. I performed at his sister’s wedding a few years back and so he thought that I could perform on his own wedding day too. I couldn’t have felt more happier than to be invited to sing on someone else’s special day though I secretly wish that mine would come real soon.

The wedding dinner was held at St.Regis Singapore in a rather small ballroom. Though there were only about 50 guests that evening, I was tad nervous. It could be because I hadn’t practise much but I still tried my very best to master the four songs in four different languages during the busy period.

About a month ago, I met up with Mabel’s brother and his wife over tea to discuss the performance song list and we narrowed down to this four songs:

1. Besame Mucho ( Jazz version) (Spanish)
2. I do by Colbie Caillat ( English)
3. La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf ( French)
4. 豆浆油条 (Dou Jiang You Tiao) by Lin Jun Jie/ JJ Lin (Mandarin)

Oh yeah, I know it’s kinda crazy to learn all four songs at one go but I am well acquainted with English, Mandarin and French. Besides, that spanish song isn’t too difficult either! But I must say that ‘Besame Mucho’ and ‘La Vie En Rose’ are perfect jazz wedding songs to lighten up the whole atmosphere in the ballroom.  I would sing that on my wedding day too.

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

My bestie and I!

Purple dream

It’s a simple and cosy affair to have only your close family members and friends coming down to celebrate your special day. I didn’t quite like the traditional way of how Chinese families would invite all the people they have met before in their life (or their Facebook friends) to the dinner. It’s awkward to mingle around unless you are great at striking conversations with almost everyone and moving swiftly from table to table to entertain the guests.

The best wedding souvenirs are the ones without the Bridegroom’s and bride’s faces or names. I am not trying to be impolite here but who really uses stuff that bears the name of another person unless they are your sweethearts or your children right? A little gift like chocolates to thank the guests for gracing your wedding is sufficient. Anything edible or usable is a good choice as wedding door gifts for your guests.

Since there’s going to be a lot of waiting time, I took this opportunity to snap some unconventional photos with your family and friends. But seriously, how many selfies and groupies you wanna capture before all the guests arrive? #WhyAreYouLate



My bestie and I have went through thick and thin since Primary 4. We were friends since we were 10!

This is a great way of hiding that tummy fat. 

 That evening, I also had dinner with Mabel’s family at the VIP table but instead of eating similar dishes like everyone else, I ordered a vegetarian set for myself.

The food wasn’t too bad though I wish it was served in western style where more fresh vegetables and fruits are served.

To be honest, I do not miss eating meat or any seafood in particular and I would rather have vegetables over mock meat because mock meat isn’t that healthy either. So even though I was on a vegetarian diet, my meals aren’t always that clean. This could be a diet mistake or misconception for most people. You can be fat and healthy while you’re on a vegetarian diet too. That is why I would  opt for vegan or raw vegan meals whenever I could.

Overall, the food standard at St.Regis was superb. It has to be, otherwise it can’t call itself as a six-star hotel.

I was so glad that I manage to perform all four songs albeit the occasional slips with the lyrics which thankfully goes rather unnoticeable by the Bridegroom (hehe!) and I even receive a compliment from one of the guest that I sounded like a professional wedding singer too. I hoped I have entertained everyone when I went from table to table and even got the Bridegroom to sing a line. Hope for more weddings to come! I rather sing and perform then to sit down, eat and mingle.

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography
Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Photo credit: Daniel Beh Photography

Here’s a line from the song 豆浆油条 by JJ Lin that is also the walk-in song for the newly-wed couple.
(soyabean curd and fritter dough)

豆浆离不开油条 让我爱你爱到老
(Soyabean curd is inseparable from fritter dough. Allow me to love you forever.)

Awww…so sweet.

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