Dulux, Let’s Colour: My Bedroom Transformation – Pretty Pink to Romantic Purple

We have come to the most exciting part on my room transformation with Dulux! It’s indeed life-changing and perhaps fortune-changing too. Having realized that this transformation took place just right before New Year, it is indeed so timely for me to give a fresh look to my new surroundings. It’s also a time of looking back into the past and show gratitude to universe of the people and things that I made truly grateful for as well as placing a full-stop to those unfavorable events or sorrows that has taught me important lessons in life. Nevertheless, a change is necessary.

And it’s amazing how a change of colours can bring about a difference in mood, tone and atmosphere. Well, it’s all about changing perspectives. Thankfully, I am a person who embrace changes because I love starting things with a fresh start. Others might be resistant to changes but when the transformation begins, everyone would appreciate the fact that the season is over and spring is finally here.


 A note of thanks from Dulux Singapore!

This blog post marks the third blog post for Dulux Singapore and this last lap of the journey is rather challenging. Read on and you will discover why…


Before the painting works begin, the dulux professional painters came down to my house for a pre-onsite visit to view the room as well as to finalize the colours I wanted for my walls. It didn’t take too long for them to assess the condition of my bedroom walls since my bedroom is rather small.

Previously, my room was cluttered with my own stuff as well as my mum’s. For the past donkey years, I’ve been a daughter to a mother who sees value in items and their durability. Jokingly, my Dad would say that she works part-time as a Karang Guni ( rag and bone men) who collect items which most often turn out to be really useful items to the family. It’s good and bad. On one hand, you are reusing items which saves money and protects the earth but on the other, it’s occupying space and sucking all that positive energy in the room.


Packing and tidying up my room was a horror and I am pretty sure it is a nightmare to most of my counterparts who is into beauty and fashion. But it is even worse for a blogger who constantly receives products for review from companies. To spread kindness and generate rippling effects of goodwill, I would often pass those unused products to my mum or friends. Occasionally, I would do a giveaway to my readers too if I receive extra sets of the product. Sharing is caring!

My sleeping area isn’t quite conducive as I was facing a wall that was damp, moldy and dusty. Apparently, the growth of fungus is caused by condensation due to the difference in air temperature especially when the air-con is turned on. You can be sure that the air I was breathing in isn’t quite clean. And now that I have moved on to a healthy lifestyle which incorporates clean eating and regular exercises, I realized that I needed to pay attention to the surroundings I was living in. It has to be clean, natural and hygienic too.


Reorganizing my wardrobe really takes time and the realization that certain things really need to go. I couldn’t bear to part with my clothes if you asked me a year ago but somehow, this time, I felt ready to let go of certain things and wear only those that are classic and look good on me. Those pieces which I’ve worn several times and have looked a little worn out were placed in the ‘donate/toss away’ box because I find that it’s time to change my style as well. Less florals and that ‘girl-next-door’ look which I so comfortably settle with. It’s time to rock that sophisticated look.

So bye pretty pink! Say hello to romantic chic purple!

I decided to go for purple because it is that one colour that embodies my current lifestyle and matches my personality. Purple is all about imagination, spirituality and inspiration. It is an introspective colour that enables you to be connected with your deeper thoughts and inner feelings. Other than it’s association with royalty, wealth and extravagance, it is also a feminine colour that represents sophistication and elegance. When choosing a colour for your room, I’d say that be bold and choose a colour that matches your personality as it will evoke the right emotions and positivity in you. I wouldn’t go for my favourite colours because I had a few favourites and my favourites always changes from time to time. That constant in you is perhaps your innate thoughts, personality and values so I suggest that you find color inspiration based on that. But of course, if you are still clueless as to which colour to choose for your wall, you can always seek help from Dulux colour consultants. The service is free! They are like your fengshui masters who might be able to help you to bring fortune and luck to your house with the right colours and their magical paint brushes. If not, you could also download Dulux Visualizer, an ingenious app which lets you see your room live in any colour before you paint it! It’s free too!

I went for smooth grape and purple clouds after consultation with Dulux. Smooth grape is an intense dark purple with a red-violet tone while purple clouds is a soft pale purple. When both colours come together, there’s some soft contrast that made my room not too overly dark but brighter with the smooth grape colour that reflects some light into the room.

There were in fact so many more shades and tones of purple Dulux paint! It can be quite daunting to choose the right shade but thanks to the advice and suggestions from the professional painters, the colours turned out beautifully on my four walls. They are experienced and gave really good advice on choosing the right shade for your walls.


It’s bare and empty.

A few days before the actual painting work begins, I spent an enormous amount of time and effort to clear every item in my room. After decluttering all the items in my room, what was left is space. Finally, I felt that I have the space to breathe and freedom to move. In addition, I am able to see the natural sunlight streaming into my room for the first time without any objects obscuring it. Having that said, I decided that my new room should be free of clutter or at least it must be out of sight.


I could even hear my own echo as I speak.

If you have furniture in your room, you don’t have to worry about moving them out of the room because the painters would basically cover them with newspaper and plastic sheets. All you need to do is to clear those decorative and valuable items which might hinder painting process. But for myself, I decided to clear everything in my room since I wanted a change in my room decor and furniture as well.


I even took down the mirror that was hung against the wall. It left awful holes in the walls but the holes have been mended by the painters before they paint a fresh new coat of paint.


I had my walls painted with Dulux’s latest paint product, Wash and Wear which uses kidProof technology to repel stains and liquids thus making it easier to wipe the stains off the walls. It is a perfect type of my paint for my room even though I house no kids. Because occasionally, I would have pencil or marker marks on the wall against my desk. It would be so much easier for me to clean the walls with a damp cloth and some detergent without having to scrub the walls real hard to remove any stains or markings.


Getting to work!

The two painters from Dulux arrived at around 9.30 pm with all of their tools, gadgets and paints. I thought I might have to provide some newspapers but my concerns and worry seems redundant as everything needed for the painting works is provided. All I did was to wait in my living room till the painting works is completed. Time is not wasted as I could catch up with some blogging and reading.


Once in a while, I would pop by my room and take a sneak peek. They had the walls plastered to patch up all the holes. The plaster helps to fill up the cracks in wall to smoothen it up. It’s just like a first-aid band that is used to dress up a broken wound.


Then a layer of wall sealant is painted over the walls to provide a good foundation for the paint to adhere to. By lunchtime, the two painters had completed painting the wall with the sealant.


The room looks great in all white too!


Painter tools.

The painting work continues after their lunch once the sealant has dried. They also painted my room ceiling white.


The first coat of paint!


The colours looked vibrant!


After about 4 coats of paint, my room is finally done! The wall paint has a nice glossy sheen to it that reflects some light. And after scrutinizing every corner of the wall, I must say that it was a good job done by the painters as the walls now are really smooth and even. Thank goodness, the paint has a low odour so that I could still sleep in my bedroom without getting choke from the paint odour. In fact, there isn’t any smell at all by the time I got back home in the late evening.

After all the hardwork by the Dulux painters, it was time for me to down to work and get my hands dirty.


 I went to IKEA to source for room decor items and new bedding for my room that evening after the painting work has completed. It was really fun to shop for home decor at IKEA because it practically has everything! From kitchenware, furniture to bedding and even lighting, it’s a one-stop megastore to decorate your living space. But I did’t purchase many items from there as I was reminded to be more eco-friendly but reusing items found in the house or second-hand items.

It was my first time furnishing the room on my own and there was so much to learn like how to do up a curtain and do up the bed.

Then, I also went about to purchase new bedding like pillows, bedsheets and quilt. Everything is brand new except the spring mattress which is still in good condition. After a few days of crazy shopping and intense deliberation over suitable decor items, I finally could present my new bedroom to you guys!


Source: superintoyou.com

Okay, I am just pulling your leg! This is my dream for my future home (if I can afford to own one!).

Here’s the real deal.


Not too bad right?

At this moment, it is nothing spectacular yet as I am still shopping for wall decals to add life to those purple walls. But I am loving the pop of yellow and teal colours among the purple. Yellow is actually a split-complementary colour according to the colour chart given by Dulux which I find it very useful in designing the room with the right combination of colours.


My desk area is much neater and I could now work peacefully on my desk like how I am writing my blog posts at my desk.


I bought a microfibre pillow from Urblanc and the other from NTUC Xtra. I really love the bedding from Urblanc as their bedsheets are ultra soft to touch! The teal blue pillow also looks lovely against the shades of purple as it has a green under tone which is a triadic colour to purple.


I placed my inspirational board with quotes at my bedside to remind myself to stay grounded and be inspired all the time.


I look forward to my bedtime now!

No more panda eyes!


My desk


I kept all my books in the cupboard to prevent the pages from turning yellow and collecting dust.

My wardrobe has also been reorganized.


Now, I could finally sit back, relax and enjoy some salads.


Also, there’s a 1-year warranty (against paint defects).


I hope you are inspired to start something afresh in your life as well. You can start by visiting Dulux website and Dulux SG Facebook page to check out their beautiful colour scheme, room inspirations and cool products.

Dulux Paint Package includes:

– use of premium low odour interior paints
– one site visit for a free quotation
– free colour consultation services (worth $100)
– 1 year warranty (against paint defects)

Don’t wait! It’s time to spend your end-of-year bonuses to colour your life.

FREE Colour Consultation Service by Dulux
Step 1: Shoot a photo of the room you wish to paint.
Step 2: Email to customer.care.sg@akzonobel.com and tell us your preferred colour.
Step 3: Visualize your dream home with the colour scheme images from Dulux Colour Consultants.


Visit the voting site on Dulux SG Facebook page : http://goo.gl/lNJu5E  and click ‘vote to win’. Do drop me a vote and stand a chance to win $500 painting package voucher and $100 home decoration vouchers!


Need help with painting? Enjoy an additional $30 off painting packages when you quote DG550 when you call 6265 0677 to enquire on the painting packages by Dulux.
Show me your newly painted room with Dulux Paint once it is done! Share the joy with colours!

For more inspirations online, check out the following social media platforms by Dulux:

Facebook: fb.com/dulux.sg
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Here’s a little recap of our colour journey with Dulux Singapore.

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