My Favourite Hand Cream


I didn’t quite like it when my palms feel rough and dry. I would reach out for a hand moisturizer immediately but the roughness in my palms, after all that washing of dishes, would be back within 30 minutes. Those hand creams I’ve used thusfar doesn’t seem to work as well but I do remember of those handcreams I used before that worked well. One handcream in particular is the hand cream by L’Occitane. It is not one of those heavily perfumed handcream. It only has a slight scent of shea butter. It felt more like a hand balm rather than cream as it is rather rich and thick. It hydrates the skin and prevent the loss of moisture from the skin at the same time.


I happen to saw this at Charles De Gaul airport in Paris and since my friend said L’Occitane was from France and it is slightly cheaper here as compared to Singapore, I decided to purchase it with my remaining euros in my wallet. 150 ml worth of cream in a tube for 18 euros without tax works out to be okay considering that it is effective too! All the perfumes and beauty products were sold cheaper at the airport too. Best place to shop, I would say! It is still pricey in my opinion but I felt like I really need a good hand cream at that point in time and since I was in Paris, why not?

According to its packaging, it is enriched with 20% shea butter, honey, almond extracts and coconut oil along with other chemicals.This product is not vegan but it relies on natural ingredients extracted from plants to make its product pleasant-smelling and also making use of the properties of ingredients to work its wonders. I would use this hand cream for the time being until I found the next best vegan-friendly and eco-friendly hand cream! Any recommendations?

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