My New Comfy Nest : Spring Bed from Wasaly


With my new bedroom makeover, I invested alot in purchasing everything new from bedding to curtains especially. Maybe it was really time to revamp everything including my soiled spring mattress which is not in a very good condition anymore.

Okay, I got to admit that I drool sometimes in bed and my saliva would sometimes seep into comforter but I believe that it does seep through the comforter as well. Not forgetting those time of the month where I experience heavy leakage and it stained my bed. I’ve been sleeping on the comfortable spring mattress for the past 10 years and it’s time to change!

My previous mattress was from Wasaly and it has a 15-year warranty so my mum called them up and they came over to our house to inspect the bed. It worked out that the spring is still in good condition but the foam lining as thinned out over time. I would have to fork out $80 to change to a new foam but they suggested that I should purchase a newer and better mattress instead. My mum made the decision as I was away in Europe and it was the best decision ever made!


Here’s my new mattress! Violet 500 (Single) in 6″ by 36″ or 190cm x 91cm x 15cm.
Here are its features: 
– Extra Firm, Firmness Scale Rating 7/10
– Bonnell Spring System
– Quilted with Anti-Dustmite Fabric (Damask)
– High-density Foam Padding
– Natural Coconut Fiber for Firm back Support
– Non-woven Fabric for Coil Spring Protection
– Thick Bedding Border wire clipped to Spring Coil for firm support
– 15 Year Warranty


It’s rather firm but has a good support and it was so comfortable sleeping on it!


My mom also decided to get new mattress for my other two brothers but they got foam mattresses instead which cost cheaper. It might be over a hundred dollars but I think it is a good investment to ensure good quality sleep. After all, we spent about an average of 8 hours a day lying on the bed!


New mattress, new pillows, new bedsheets…

I’m all ready for the New Year! Hello, 2015!

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