Soul Bubble

Chapter 1
1 January 2015 

The birth of a beautiful moment is when a new blank page is laid out right infront of you. It’s waiting for you to write, draw and design something pleasant to your eyes. And that was exactly what it felt like for Kime. That was this suspension in the air that has left her to pause for a moment. What should she write? How can she start? Where to start? Why was she even doing this?

Yes… she was doing it solely because she wants her personal stories to be enliven. She needs to account for what she was writing for so there was a need for her to live her life to the fullest – to the very best that she could. If she wants others to read, she needs to add in a dash of excitement and a glittering dust of hope. She inspires to inspire. Her motto could never get any shorter than that.
Forget about the past and pretend as if you were planted onto this Earth purposefully by the Universe, as Kime reminded herself. You were made so naturally by the wind and sand that moulded your body with an intangible soul. There may be imperfections to your body due to the elements of nature but the soul in you is harnessed and protected within that shell. It’s malleable, flexible and fragile at the same time. It could only be push or pull by another soul, like bubbles bouncing off each other.
Kime was selective. She allows only matching souls to enter her life. Others call it soulmates like how opposite poles come together and how hooks get stuck to the velcro. They come into your life, nurture and nourish you, then make an exit. Most of the time, they are temporary. Very rarely they become permanent unless their soul merges with yours, just like how two bubbles merge into one. It may seem like a joyous event to rejoice about when two bubbles cling onto each other and eventually unites to become one but a single prick of the needle can also cause that double bubble to burst. As life threatening it may seems,  the two souls may simply dissolve into the air but thank goodness, bubbles can be reconstructed with the help of a loving gust of wind and persisting tiny bubbles or foam that adhere to the ground, as if they are clinging on to it for their dear lives.
Kime has a brave soul. She had collided into two soul bubbles so far who initiated a series of life-changing events in her life. Though the conclusions to her two tales weren’t favourable, she believed that each story creates a rippling effect in others. It’s no different from the butterfly effect – a minute little change in time or space generates a wave that never ends. That energy is indestructible. 
Chapter 2
Something magical just happens when their eyes met. The air surrounding them was charged up and all she knew was this, ‘ I just want to be close to you. Very close.’ 
On the end of the channel was this bold-looking young man dressed in a well-ironed white shirt with cargo pants who couldn’t take his eyes off Kime. Her smile…oh that sweet innocent smile created a tingle in his heart. He couldn’t deny it. What’s her story behind that smile? He wanted to know it so badly.
In this technological age, distance measured by kilometres has shrunk to millimeters. The communication between the two souls was made possible with a screen and a keyboard. It was through the wires and electricity that love flourishes and the bubbles adhered so tightly onto each other. How could they let go of each other, really? Kime was so deeply in love and she has never ever felt that way before. Bubbles after bubbles of his face and words kept erupting from her mind like a sudden burst of larva that floods out of a dormant volcano. No one could snap off that cable that starts from Paris to Singapore. 12 hours and 10,722 Km apart. Nothing stopped them until…
another soul. 
Apparently, another soul was already there, side by side with his. How could he… ? Doesn’t he knows that love is just made for two? But how could a North pole of a magnet resist from attracting the south pole of another magnet? Could the forces of nature be resisted?
Yes. Because when there is a force applied, there is always a resistance or an opposing force that comes along.
They drew apart. Heartbroken. More so for little Kime, who was flooded with emotions at that point in time. Maybe her shape and size of her bubble has evolved but she knew that it wouldn’t be for long til her bubble expands with pure happiness and frizzles out sparkles that attracted yet another lonely soul…
Chapter 2

10 Jan 2015

It was winter in Paris and the gruesome cold wind didn’t stop steeping…

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