Thermos: Keeping Your Juices Cold Even While the Sun is Out

I like to store my freshly squeezed juices in glass bottles so that I could sip on them even while on the go but they are often rather heavy and fragile. Recently, I found a better alternative to store my juices and even keeping them cold. Storing them in a thermo flask which keep the temperature cold in spite of this hot and humid weather in Singapore. Why not?
Thermos®, the pioneer of the world’s first commercial vacuum flask and the leading manufacturer of insulated food and beverage consumer products, has recently launched a new Thermos bottle that comes with a straw. The TS-400 Straw bottle can keep the beverage cold for up to 12 hours and it comes with this push button with a pop up straw. This is perfect especially if you are drinking juices like beetroot or carrots which can stain the teeth. It’s best to drink such juices with a straw to lessen teeth coloration and keeping your pearlies looking white. Its condensation-proof design also prevents water rings.
Push and …


TS-400 Straw Bottle 

Capacity : 0.53L
Cold insulation (6 hours) : 12°C & below
Dimensions Width × Depth × Height (approx. cm) : 7 X 7 X 24.4
Weight (approx) : 300g
Colour : Mousse ( off-white colour )
This is great for storing protein shakes as well. You can still get to enjoy a cold protein shake or smoothie after a workout at the gym. 
The only drawback is that you can’t store hot beverages as the straw itself is plastic. It can also be a little challenging to clean the straw especially if anything get stuck in the straw. You also have to be very careful about twisting the cap tightly and firmly to prevent spills. There are a couple of times where my water leaked out of the bottle because I didn’t fit the cap properly and thus the cap wasn’t tightly screwed to the bottle. 
Anyhow, this makes a great bottle especially for us who are always basking under the Singapore Sun.
Stay cool!
For more information, check out Thermos Singapore website:

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