Box Green : Healthy Snack Attack (January) – Delicious Crunchy Snacks


Have you gotten your January healthy snack box from Box Green? 
Surprise, surprise!
I found chips in it!
Healthier ones, of course.
Taste better than Pringles, I swear.
Better in nutritional value too.


Four carefully portion-sized snacks + 1 quote of Wisdom from Steve Jobs.


Quote of the month.
Stay hungry, stay foolish.
Great quote to pin up on my motivational chart.
Hey, it’s okay to be hungry.
It shows that your metabolic rate is skyrocketing.
Just make sure you feed yourself with food that feed your cells with the great stuff.
Eating veggies.
Yes, stay foolish and eat vegetables and fruits.
You can now enjoy it in a form of chips.
No matter how stupid people think it is to eat vegetables and fruits, I still do anyway.
Because food is medicine.


Berry nut mix
A sweet treat for the sweet tooth.
Love that it has my favourite nuts in it : walnuts and cashews.
How about some pistachios?


Air-fried shitake mushroom chips
Oh, Lord. This is superb as well. 
Crunchy and delicious.


This mixed vegetable chips are so darn good I tell you. Why didn’t they blow up the size and serve us a bigger packet? Alright, even though it’s so darn delicious, we can’t possibly eat too much of it and jeopardize our New Year Resolution to lose weight right?


Turkish apricots.
Natural and sun dried.
High in fibre and keeps your hunger pang aside.
I wonder what’s in February snack box from Box Green.

Can we have more veggie chips?
Read my first blog post on Box Green.

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