When the Personal Trainer Comes Knocking At My Door

Too lazy to run in the park or visit the gym? What about having your personal trainer come knocking right at your door? Time to wake up and get movin’!

I had Vanan, the founder of EZ-fit who came right to my door step to give me customized personal training session. He is also a qualified fitness professional and a personal trainer at Ez-fit and just like what I reckon, he was going to show me how easy it is to get fit.

The training session lasted about an hour with a quick fitness assessment and body analysis where he took my weight, height and blood pressure. Then he start off with a simple warm up exercise using the step-up machine.

Doing some stretching before the actual training begin.

I had alot of build-up tension in my shoulders from the stress faced during work and it was good to release the tension in the muscles before training.

He taught me ways to do a deep tissue massage for myself because I’ve got a couple of exercise injuries.

Their personal training can be somewhat deem as unconventional. Which personal trainer actually uses a deck of poker cards for training? Gambling and betting? Nah. Vanan uses the playing cards as a form of a game to break the monotonous form of circuit training. He asked me to shuffle the cards and allocate each exercise move to either hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. For instance, if he flashes a card with hearts on it, I had to do 15 reps of push-ups. Guess what? The complete set of training requires him to flash all the cards.

There was a couple of times I had to do 40 jumping jacks in one row because the card with spades kept showing up!

It gets very tiring as I have to shuffle about in between exercise and I guess it really gets the heart rate increasing. After five minutes into the exercise, I was already panting hard.

Need help with changing your exercise, diet and lifestyle plans to get fitter? It’s easy when you have EZ-fit who comes right to your doorstep. Even if you don’t have a gym in your neighbour or ample space at home, you can still train in the park or any open space near your house. Lack of exercise equipment? Fear not, Vanan has this Doraemon-look alike bag that is packed with alot of exercise equipment and tools which he will provide you with during the training session.

EZ-fit also provides bootcamp training, corporate fitness programmes, pre and post-natal fitness, personal training rehabilitation and weight loss programmes even for teenagers. Do visit their website to find more about their fitness and training programmes.

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