People often ask if religion is the reason why I decided to go vegetarian but I would often, without hesitation, reply back with a straight no and in my head, I would be thinking ‘ Can’t I do this just for a better health?’ When I shot back with the words ‘for health’, they gave me this puzzled and concerned look and a speech bubble that popped right of their heads saying ‘Oh no, you must be sick or suffering from an illness…’

No, I am just lowering my risks of contracting other illnesses.

After announcing my diet restrictions to the universe, I began to notice that some people around me were already eating mainly vegetarian meals anyway. Their portion size of vegetables and fruits for each meal is larger than the portion size of meat and dairy products. There’s a reason why people are still glued to vegetables and fruits.

A better and healthier approach is to consume foods from all food groups to achieve a well-balanced diet. I still prefer to opt out meat as for now as I thrive better on greens but at the same time, I don’t think I am ready to go 100 % vegan as certain essential vitamins like vitamin B3 is found in dairy products. As much as possible, I would try to go vegan and limit my consumption on dairy products.

Is it easy to transform from a ‘meatarian’ to a vegetarian? It’s easier than you think it is. The first few days may be hard but as the days go along, you will start to realise how much you love eating fruits and vegetables. The secret here is to not give up. Persistence is really a key.

Salads are complicated? C’mon cooked food like meat are way more complicated than making salads. Almost everyone knows how to make salads even if you have never entered the kitchen before.
Don’t kid me.
Salad can be as satisfying as a plate of steak. You will only need to gorge than more greens to make you feel full without loading you up with calories.

How could I say no to be a vegetarian?

I’ve stucked to this for 7 months in a row now!

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