Contour Express : Gym for Women

Having been wanting to seek a more personalized gym session but feeling a little awkward working out with those buffy and muscular guys? Then head over to an all-female gym like Contour Express which has clubs dotted all over Singapore. They are conveniently located in the neighborhoods across the island. Last week, I went for a trial session at their Jurong East Branch.

Contour Express offers a mix of programmes like most commercial gyms do like circuit training sessions, group fitness classes and customized programmes like weight loss and vibration training. However, their main exercise programme is their 29-minute circuit workout which is a mix of cardio and strength training exercises to burn calories and tone the body.

It’s 29-minutes enough to see visible results? Yes! I went through one session of it and I must say that it can get quite exhausting for me even though I exercise frequently!

During your first session, the trainer will take your body stats and then have a little conversation with you to understand what are your fitness goals and give you advices on how to improve your current lifestyle with a good diet and exercise.

As usual, I still need to work on lowering my body fat as I think it has increase slightly even though my weight was still constant. It’s a constant struggle for me to really lose the excess weight even with the regular exercising and vegetarian diet. But I’m definitely not giving up yet!

 Another important discovery for me is how dehydrated my body is! The optimal water content for most women is 55% to 60%. But guess what? My total body water is only 47.8%. Perhaps that explains why my body is finding it really hard to shed the excess weight. I’m now making it a point to load up on water!!!

So, basically, the 29-minute workout consist of a series of 45-second long exercises which comprises an alternate series of strength training exercises using machines and cardio exercises performed on the exercise boards that has a shock absorbent pad. 
For me, I felt that such gyms has its pros and cons. First of all, it’s a small gym which welcomes women only so you will definitely feel more comfortable. Secondly, it is usually located in the neighborhoods which makes it easy for the heartlanders to come for the exercise sessions. However, the cons are that the gym is rather small so suppose that there is a high traffic of people coming in, it might get a little crowded. Next, the equipment are limited. They have all the basic equipment and it’s no different from those condominium gyms. Lastly, you are basically working out alone independently with the help of their workout videos which they will play on the TV. You basically watch and follow the video closely. There’s this lack of human touch and interaction which makes it rather mundane. It’s a little like watching exercise videos at the comfort of your house. If that’s the case, I would rather stay home and watch exercise videos.
However, if you felt like you need to be in an environment to motivate you to exercise comfortably with the advice and professional help from the experts, you could give this neighborhood and women-friendly gym a try.
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