Imakatsu Singapore : A Victorious Meal


The japanese word, 勝つ katsu, means to win. It has been a ritual for the Japanese to eat tonkatsu, a deep-fried meat cutlet paired with a bowl of rice, on the night before a competition or exams in hope to gain victory. This is the winning meal and to win, you first need to win over your belly with something delicious.


I was invited to Imakatsu Singapore to review their dishes. Despite me being a vegetarian, I still do enjoy the veggie-friendly dishes offered at the restaurant itself. Since the star dishes are mainly meat-based, I had asked along two friends who adore Japanese food to help me try out the meat-based dishes on my behalf. They are pretty much like my second.. erm… tongue? mouth?


While waiting for my friends to arrive, we had some sake. There were 3 types of premium sake that varies in terms of the alcoholic content. Without a doubt, I went for the one with the lowest alcohol content – Yama Yuzu Shibori, a concoction of Yuzu juice and sake. It tasted pretty damn awesome – better than wine, better than beer. It’s sweet and fruity.


I wish they serve this in those cocktail bars too. It’s like a naturally made and fresh sake mixed with yuzu juice. Even my friend, Vanessa, who doesn’t usually drink alcohol, said it was very refreshing and good.


To start off, we had some appetizer while waiting for my other dear friend to arrive. The shredded cabbage is usually drizzled with sesame salad dressing to be eaten as a side dish or it is served together with the breaded deep fried meat cutlet.


The finely shredded cabbage was fresh and it tasted quite good with the aromatic sesame dressing.


A word of caution: The sesame dressing can be quite addictive. 

Although there isn’t much variety of vegetables served with the shredded cabbage, I am quite happy munching  the crunchy cabbage with the yummy sesame dressing.


Fried vegetables

It’s a mixed of fried broccoli, pumpkin, asparagus and lady fingers. It can be a burden on your heart and arteries but delightful for your eyes and tastebuds. They are fried in canola oil which makes it taste less oily and they are crunchy at the same time.


While I have my share of vegetables, my meat-eater friends get to enjoy the real stuff – or the real deal.

Chicken Tenderloin Zen
Have you seen a piece of chicken meat that looks to tender? Even without tasting it, I could imagine how soft and tender it is going to be.
Deep-fried Oysters Zen

Oysters for the seafood lovers.

Piyo Piyo Mince
This is a must-order dish according to my fussy-eater friend, Eunice. It’s unlike any other eggs you have tasted. It seems like everything serve here is really premium. These are eggs wrapped with a layer of mince pork coated with a crunchy breaded layer. Eat tonkatsu with this overflowing river of glorious egg yolk and you are sure to ace for your exams the following day.

Imakatsu Premium pork loin cutlet zen

Vanessa said the pork was very juicy and tender but it is a tad slight oily for her taste.

We also get to taste premium Japanese rice – KOSHIHIKARI (a Japanese rice variety) from Niigata prefecture in Japan. The rice grains are larger than usual and it tasted so good. It looks pearly white and each grain looks like a tiny pearl. I never knew that rice could taste that good!
We each also had a bowl of miso soup to go with the rice and the dishes.

Edamame (Green Soybeans)



This side dish is yummy too and it goes very well with the premium Japanese rice.


Don’t forget to end your victorious meal on a sweet note to remind yourself that winning sometimes is not important. It’s more important that you enjoy what you are doing and live for the moment.

We ordered their flavour-of-the-day sorbet, vanilla ice and green tea matcha ice cream. My favourite out of the 3 flavours would have to be the green tea matcha ice cream!

Overall, the whole dining experience was truly quite authentic – from the finest ingredients they’ve used to the ambience of the restaurant.

Now, I really have the urge to visit Japan someday to experience the real Japanese dining experience. 

Imakatsu Singapore
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Star Vista
Singapore 138617

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