LURE Cupping Massage Therapy Kit Review

Have you heard of massage cups or the traditional chinese medicine’s cupping treatment? This massage cup made from silicone is probably inspired by traditional chinese medicine. These western-inspired massage cups are probably one of the best invention by far. Go google cupping therapy and you will be able to find thousands of reviews from people who raved over these silicone-made masage cups. It actually made use of negative pressure to suck up the body flesh which helps to increase blood circulation and lymph circulation in the body. It’s similar to deep tissue massage where you really exert pressure on your tight spots except that there is less effort involve since we are using the suction force of the cups.

I’ve tried this massage cup treatment on my face and body at my go-to facial salon and I’ve been loving the benefits and effect brought about by this treatment. Due to stress, poor diet and dehydration, my body was not in its best state. Detoxification is exactly what I needed and my beautician whom I trust alot suggested that I should try out the cupping treatment which not only detox my body but also to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to release the build up muscle tension in my body.

I wouldn’t say that the treatment is comfortable because there is pain and discomfort because if your lymph nodes are clogged. It also depends very much on the intensity and pressure applied using the cups.  Of course, no pain no gain. More pressure, more pain, the more benefits your body will receive.

After my first face cupping treatment, I had fewer breakouts than before. Previously, both sides of my face was covered with clogged pores and pimples. The massage cups also helps to increase lymphatic drainage and reduce the problem of water retention so my face appears sharper and less swollen after the massage.

I also did it on my butt and thigh using bigger massage cups because I really want to get rid of my cellulite problem. And it really did lessen the appearance of cellulite after one treatment. In fact, my thighs because smaller after all the water and toxins have been drained away. The only cons about this treatment is that it will leave bruises all over your butt and thighs but these will eventually disappear within 3 to 5 days.

If you have read my previous posts, I’ve been going for aesthetic treatments targeting at my cellulite problem but I wasn’t consistent in going for these treatment as it can be very costly. So this cupping massage therapy seems like a better alternative to me. Besides, it’s a natural form of treatment to enhance body wellness. It requires the use of no machines except for the use of silicone cups. But the massage cup treatment can be pretty pricey too (nonetheless, it’s way cheaper than one aesthetic treatment!) I was charged about $60 plus per treatment of 30 minutes. It’s going to be expensive in the long run so I thought maybe I could purchase my own massage cups and perform it on myself.

That was when I stumbled across LURE cupping products online after spending a significant amount of time researching on where to purchase the cups. The brand of cups used by my beautician is Bellabaci but it is rather expensive. According to my beautician, she said Bellabaci is the original brand of the massage cups. There are, however, many other brands and imitations of these cups. But I am not too concern about the brand as long as it can produce a negative pressure to massage my face and body. At Amazon, I found a pair of massage cups that costs only about 12 USD but unfortunately, it can’t be shipped over to Singapore. It took me quite some time to find LURE cupping massage therapy kit which can be shipped overseas and the price was quite reasonable. I bought the whole massage therapy kit which includes 1 large and 2 small body Massage Cups, 1 large and 1 small facial cups plus an anti-microbial facial cleanser and exfoliator Brush. All for the price of 34.95 USD plus delivery charges. Overall, it costs me about approximately SGD65.

The delivery took about 3 weeks before the product arrives at my door step. I would once in a while drop an email to LURE to enquire about my delivery and they are quite prompt in giving me a response to reassure that my purchase is confirmed and my product is on its way to Singapore. When it arrived, I was overjoyed and very excited to try it on.

The therapy kit also includes a small instructional booklet to teach you how to maneuver the cups over your body to promote lymphatic drainage. I first tried the facial cups on my face and it felt so good to be massaging my facial muscles but I guess I went overboard and over-massage my face because there were bruises across my cheeks after using it for more than 10 minutes on my face! Since the skin at the face is more delicate, you might not want to overdo it or use too much pressure. Silly me! Thankfully, the bruises fades away after 3 days.

I would basically google for Youtube instructional videos on how to use the massage cups. Bellabaci YouTube channel provides a good selection of instructional videos on cupping massage therapy.

These days, I would use the cups during shower because it is much easier to work on the whole body. I would first soap up my body to increase lubrication then use the various sizes of cups to massage my body. Sometimes, I would use massage oils or creams. It’s easier to work on lubricated skin then dry skin because it’s easier to slide the cups up and down on wet skin than on dry skin. I prefer using body lotions, creams or gel as compared to oil.

It really helps to release tension especially at the IT bands, muscle tight spots and my lower back. The cons about doing this treatment yourself is that you are only able to work on certain areas of your body. The shoulders and upper back are hard to reach areas so it might be better if you can get someone to do it for you.

It’s been almost 2 weeks now and I’ve been using the cups almost every other day. I am seeing alot of improvement at my thigh areas where the appearance of cellulite starts to fade. I am now working on the cellulite at my calves and arms. Hopefully, it will all disappear by March! I’ve also make changes to my diet by eating more high water content fruits and vegetables as well as drinking at least 2.2 litres of water to flush out the toxins in my body. ( I recently got to know that my body was super dehydrated after taking some health measurements! )

I will definitely keep you updated on my progress.

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