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For all of my life since puberty, I’ve been shaving my armpit hair to keep the area hair-free, tidy-looking and clean. Shaving is easy and pain-free but it can be a hassle to shave the hair using a razor every almost other day. It would be nice if my armpit hair would drop off by itself but I wouldn’t think it would happen even after a century.

Other than shaving or plucking, many women has resort to hair removal treatments like IPL which I’ve tried before but the flashes which emits from the machine can be really glaring. The heat sensation coming out from the machine can be quite uncomfortable too. That is why I rather shave than to subject myself to a treatment that brings about such discomforts. However, with improving technology, I’m glad that there’s now a more powerful machine than IPL that helps remove hair in an instant. It’s called Super Hair Removal treatment and I had an experience of what the treatment was like at Lush Aesthetics. The treatment didn’t take long. It’s last than 5 minutes. This probably takes a short time than trying to finish a bowl of noodles.

This treatment is suitable for all parts of the body including the sensitive areas. I tried the underarm area that day of my visit to Lush Aesthetics.
The SHR or Super Hair Removal treatment is a permanent laser hair treatment (USA FDA approved) as it permanently destroys hair follicles by using low influence repetitive laser pulses targeting the hair follicles. This treatment appeals to people like me who fear pain or have a low threshold for pain because the treatment is almost painfree. There will be this hot sensation but it only lasted for a fraction of a second because of the concurrent contact cooling. There’s also a slight burnt smell due to the short hair growth which is burnt slightly by the high intensity laser waves. But other than the burnt smell and the sudden but highly short heave waves sent through your skin, the treatment itself is rather pleasant. 

Now, I’m thinking if I should do SHR on my whole body… since it’s hassle-free and effective. 
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2 thoughts on “Super Hair Removal Treatment @ Lush Aesthetics

  1. Hi,

    I’m Rennie. It’s so lucky that I came to your blog and read about this article.
    I’d like to know if the SHR you did at Lush Aesthetics is hair removal permanently? Is there any possibilities the hair will re-grow?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Rennie!

      Welcome to my blog. The hair removal treatment I did was not permanent. To achieve permanent results, you will need to go for many sessions to slow down the growth of your hair and eventually permanently stop the growth of your hair. It varies from case to case. Hope this helps!


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