TBB CNY and Valentine’s Day Delights for 2015

Excited for the Lunar New Year? This festive period has hit some restaurants and cafes like Tiong Bahru Bakery (TBB) to create special local Chinese new year delights. French baker Gontran Cherrier from has come up with 3 CNY treats + 1 Vday treat for this festive season which is a season of love and a celebration of a new year, new beginning.


TBB CNY Delights

1. Pineapple coconut tart
2. Chocolate and Hazelnut Kouign Aman
3. Orange and Chocolate Marble Cake
Available at all TBB outlets from 2nd Feb till 3rd March 2015. 

TBB VDay Delight

Valentine’s Day Nougat and Strawberry Macaron (limited edition)
Available at all TBB outlets from 9th Feb till 15th Feb, 2015.

Nougat and Strawberry Macaron ($8.50)
It’s made with fresh strawberries and nougat cream. It’s sweet for both the eyes and tongue. It’s rather huge, about the size of an adult fist. A great gift for your sweetheart. Skip the chocolates, go for these sweet pretty macarons.

Pineapple and Coconut Tart ($8.50)
This tart tasted really refreshing because it is like an enlarged version of the pineapple tart and canned pineapple rings made in a decadent style. It has some gold flakes on it too! If you are not a fan of too creamy and sweet treats, this tart could be your favourite. Not too overly sweet and it has this reminisces of our local childhood where we grew up eating pineapple tarts every CNY. If there were to be an SG50 cake, this would be it.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Kouign Aman ($4.50)
The other signature TBB delights other than its croissants is their Kouign Aman, a buttery and flaky type of pastry which makes you want to slide over a buttered rainbow. This chocolate hazelnut Kouign Aman is as good as its original except that it’s extra chocolatey.

Orange and Chocolate Marble Cake ($18 whole cake / $4.50 per slice)

Marble cakes are one of my childhood favourite pastries. I used to like eating those store-bought marble cakes from the supermarket. But these days, it so much better to eat it fresh from the bakery. This pairs well with some coffee or hot chocolate. Yums.

Wishing everyone an auspicious lunar new year!

Thank you TBB for the lovely invite to try out all these sweet treats.

Tiong Bahru Bakery
56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-70 Singapore 160056


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