Jergens’ New and Improved formulation with HydraLucence blend technology


Besides a good diet and exercise, the secret to great skin is moisturizer. Believe it or not but I’ve been applying moisturizer on my body since I was 13 and I would constantly re-apply it whenever my hands felt dry. At the time, I wasn’t so particular about how my skin would feel, rather I was just attracted to the scent of the body lotions and moisturizer that I keep using it. Thanks to that, my skin is well-hydrated even till today.

I still do slap on moisturizer religiously on a daily basis and currently, I am trying out three variants of body moisturizer from Jergens. It has been one of the top body lotion brands in the US and I use to love their products a few years back as their body lotions are often very thick, creamy and rich; giving the skin a deep moisturizing effect. It was pretty expensive back then so it was one of those high-end products which I’ve yearn to use but couldn’t afford to buy.

However, today, I was glad to be given 3 full-sized bottles of the lotion to review from JERGENS®
moisturising collection to review. It has undergo a revamp and now has a new formula. The newly formulated Jergens goes beyond just moisturizing as it also gives your skin
a beautiful, envious glow. The range has been
reformulated with a breakthrough Hydralucence TM blend that
provides a well-hydrated and luminous skin that lasts all day.


Jergens Soothing
( Key ingredient: Cucumber extract +
pure Aloe Vera )

I like this variant of Jergens the best because it is light-weight and it has this soothing effect that revives the skin. It isn’t too rich or watery but just nice and it gets absorbed to the skin more easily than the other two variants. Also, it smells refreshing and very pleasant so I would recommend to use this as a day moisturizer.


Jergens Daily Moisture (Key ingredient: Silk Proteins + Citrus

This is Jergens’ version of the daily moisturizer which supposedly helps to improves texture for
visibly smoother skin. This product wasn’t as favourable as the Jergens Soothing Aloe because it is rather creamy and slow to absorb right into the skin. Not too sure if it’s the inclusion of their Hydralucence blend makes the lotion more sticky. It is stated that this special ingredient will provide longer lasting
hydration for visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and luminosity perhaps it explains why there is this sheen of moisturizer coating the skin even after rubbing the moisturizer in. The applied skin feels somewhat sticky too and even more so when I use Jergens Ultra Healing.


Jergens Ultra Healing (Key ingredients: Vitamin C, E and B5)

This is the thickest in formula out of three and I only recommend to those who are suffering from a really dry skin, almost that crackly and scaly type of skin that requires immediate moisturization. For me, it felt too sticky on my skin overall. So I only apply it to selective areas like my knees and elbows which require high moisturization levels. The scent, like Jergens Daily Moisture, is rather like.

If you would like to try Jergens’ new range, try the soothing aloe which is great for us living in hot and humid areas. And don’t forget to drink lots of water and slap on moisturizer daily!

The new body moisturizer range is available from mid February 2015. It comes in 400ml bottle packs, retailing at S$ 8.90 each at leading supermarkets, western
pharmacies and personal care stores. 

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