Le Spa : Stay Happy with Soothing Body Massages

What makes me happy recently was the frequent massages I’ve been going that not only helps me to destress and relieve tension but also to increase lymphatic drainage to get rid of water retention problems and improve blood circulation. Who doesn’t love a good massage? It’s not only relaxing but healing as well. My leg muscles which once ached really badly is now free from pain and right after a body massage, I find myself breathing more deeply and this time, in a blissful state.

Recently, I’ve been invited to Le Spa to review their massage services. I’ve chose to visit their outlet near Telok Ayer MRT which is somewhere near Chinatown area. I had some difficulty locating the place as I alighted from Chinatown MRT but thankfully the staff at Le Spa were able to provide me with the directions promptly.

Le Spa is an oriental spa message centre offering body massages, foot massage, therapeutic cupping and ear candling. The whole interior have an oriental and pompous feel. The room were furnished with warm gold wallpaper which has this royalty fee. Even the beds were covered with satin-like and silky smooth cloth which is very comfortable to lie on.

I had pampering Le Urban Fusion massage for 90 minutes long and I was only lucky to have a masseuse who is skillful in easing out all the tight spots in my lower, thighs and arms.After the massage, they would use a warm damp towel to wipe off the massage oil so that your skin wouldn’t feel too oily or clammy. They started off with the feet, legs, back, arms then the front legs. Though it is a full body massage, she didn’t massage my tummy though. Perhaps she spent more time easing the tension in my shoulders, back and legs so that my body is not too stiff. Overall, the massage was good. It’s only a pity that 90 minutes past really fast.

In terms of hygiene standards, I was quite impressed as they would use a warm damp towel to wipe the body before massage. This step is hardly practised in other massage salons or spas but I felt it is good to wipe off any sweat, dirt or grim off the body before rubbing massage oil all over the skin. I mean, you wouldn’t want the oil to be mixed with any dirt and grim while the masseuse is massaging the oil into your skin right?

 After the massage, it’s important to load up the body on fluids to help flush out the toxins. Here, they serve a warm cup of ginger tea which aids in digestion and increase metabolic rate. It’s fast and convenient to get your massage done at Le Spa since it is open 24 hours. Instead of heading to a pub for their happy hours, I rather spend my happy hour here over massages than alcohol.

It’s always nice to have a good rub down your back to melt away the build up tension and stress this modern world is injecting you with.

Special thanks to The Influencer Network and Le Spa for this invitation.

Le Spa
14 Gemmil Lane
Singapore 069 253


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