sloggi Body Love Collection : Eco-friendly Lingerie for Young Women

Here’s how we women can be empowered to do a part for the environment by making wise choices from the food we eat, the things we use and now, through the clothes we wear. sloggi has come up with their Body Love Collection that is made with its luscious and eco-conscious Sensitive®Fabrics.

This latest collection by sloggi had really caught my eye because of my desire to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle to save the earth. The Sensitive® Fabrics are made through eco-conscious manufacturing processes that includes reduction in resource consumption, recycling optimization and the use of electricity from renewable sources.

The Sensitive® Fabrics are also part of the sloggi “Love World” program with a goal to help preserve the rainforests. Every 1 metre of fabric produced to make sloggi lingerie helps to save 1 square metre of the rainforest. Since 2011, 168,489 square metres of rainforest has been saved to date! That’s an impressive number for all the green effort they have invested to protect the earth.

This lightweight, silky-soft and breathable fabric provides us with ultra comfort throughout the day while we lead our lives the way we want to. The fabric is also quick-dry and wrinkle-free which suits the fast-paced lives of women today.

sloggi Body Love Collection
( In Pink)


I’ve got the opportunity to review the new Body Love Collection of lingerie
brought about by sloggi.
The bra straps are quite wide which provides great support especially to those who have a bigger bust size. The fabric was soft and smooth, thus prevent chafing on the skin. It has snug-fit but not as seamless like T-shirt bras.
The bands are also rather wide too which provides good support.
The bra cups are padded so it provides a good boost or lift to give you breasts more oomph. It also creates a nice deep cleavage as well.
The lace lining makes it looks sweet and demure – perfect for any young women.
The briefs have seamless lining which is great as it can’t be seen through tight pants or skirts. It’s ultra comfy for the skin too.  I like that the material is rather thick and durable which would still look good as new even after several wash. It is rather stretchable and elastic but it retain its shape well.
Price starts from $74.90 for bra and $24.90 for a pair of briefs.

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