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Here’s another veggie foodie mission trip where I still get to enjoy vegetarian-friendly dishes while dining at a Taiwanese restaurant that serves good ol’ taiwanese specialities. What really charms me is their quality of food that uses fresh ingredients and its good balance of taste that is light but flavorful. It’s almost like eating home-cooked meals where food is prepared fresh with less oil and salt.
Mixed Salad (with Chicken, Seafood and Pork) 什锦沙拉 $12.90
with Goma Sauce 台式芝麻酱
I had mine served without the meat, just the vegetables and lotus crisp drizzled with goma sauce, a type of Japanese sesame seed sauce. It’s a good choice of appetizer to whey your appetite for the next subsequent dishes.
Brazilian Mushroom Soup in Chicken Broth 巴西蘑菇汤 $7.90
This soup was so flavorful because of the Brazilian mushroom that gives it that savory flavor. 
Sweet potato porridge
A warm bowl of porridge that goes well with the dishes.
Steamed Cod with Radish 菜脯蒸鳕鱼 $18.90
‘San Bei’ King Oyster Mushroom with Basil 三杯杏鲍菇 $16.90
This dish was by far my favourite dish at Xi Men Ding. It’s packed with spices and herbs like basil that makes this dish super appetizing and flavorful. You might even think that the King Oyster Mushroom tasted like chicken meat. 
Xue Cai’ Tofu 雪菜豆腐 $14.90
This dish has some minced pork in it so I only ate the tofu slices which is delicious too and it serves in a sizzling hot pot!
Radish and Egg Pancake 菜脯蛋 $12.80
This radish and egg pancake was done in perfection.  It’s cooked uniformly and has a sweet aftertaste, signaling that dessert is up next! 
Sweet Taro Paste 紫金芋泥 $5.90

The taro paste was made extra creamy with the dash of coconut milk. 
And here’s another sweet treat…
Fruity Mochi 水果麻糬 $6.50

There’s four different flavours of mochi : peach, peanut, black sesame and lemon.
The restaurant is pretty specious and has a private dinning area with 2 big tables.
I may pop by with my folks some other day. 
Many thanks to Xi Men Ding and Creative Eateries for the dinner invitation.

1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-51A Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 8018

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