Box Green: March Edition – You Are What You Think You Are


“Whether You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t, You Are Right.” – Henry Ford

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been starting each week with a motivational quote. I have a fetish for jotting down inspirational quotes in my notebook or typing it out as a memo in my mobile. There’s something magical about these string of words that somehow gives me strength and wisdom. Everyday, I would try to recount these quotes to give me that dose of power to keep me going on my feet.

Mentally and emotionally, I depend on words of wisdom. Physically, I depend on natural snacks to fuel me with sufficient energy. Healthy snacking comes easy when healthy goodies are within your reach. I had my carefully-proportioned snacks from BoxGreen. How I wish if only they could deliver more snack packs where I could enjoy a packet of snack every other day within a month.

Time flies like how light travels in space. March is over and April’s here. Here’s the snack packs found in Box Green in the month of March.


Once again, it’s always something new and refreshing. Sesame Ginger Cashew nuts, almond longan jelly, Banana Coins and Cranberry Fusion.

It would be nice if you can empty all the contents to form a healthy concoction of nuts and dried fruits, all stored into a glass jar. Label it as ‘My Snack Jar’ as placed it at your work desk. Perfect.

It isn’t difficult to stay clear from chips. If you think you can, you will. Be amazed.


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