Castelle de Beauté: A Beauty Gem in the Neighbourhoods

If you think those beauty salons in the neighborhoods are less superior than the ones located in upscale shopping mall and town areas, then you are going be proven wrong. With the increase in new beauty salons that sprung up over the recent years and the demand for beauty treatments and services in Singapore, the stiff competition is driving many salons to provide the best-for-value type of services.

Castelle de Beauté, a beauty salon in Jurong East, is one such example. It’s a true gem in the neighborhoods that offers services and products comparable to the beauty salons located in town. I was invited to try out their customized facial service using ATACHE products, a premium beauty and skincare brand from Spain.

Castelle de Beauté has been around since 2013 but the interior has been really well-kept. I initially thought that it was a newly opened beauty salon. The place was brightly-lit and has this welcoming atmosphere.

I was first ushered into the consultation room where where the beauty therapists and I would discussed about the current skin problems I’m facing and the treatment procedures which would be carried out.

The treatment rooms are located upstairs, away from the hustle and bustling in the heartland. The rooms, albeit small and simple, it was clean and well-kept. There were also lockers located near the washroom area to deposit your belongings.

As with all regular facial treatments, it started with double cleansing and steaming to open up the pores before extraction. I was particularly impressed with the therapist’s extraction skills in purging out all the white heads and other impurities without leaving much pain or scarring on my skin. In addition, she did a good and thorough extraction job working on my T-zone areas and the side of my cheeks where my recurring acne problem occurs.

The next step as follows is an ultrasonic therapy treatment for my face and neck. It helps to tone and firm up the skin while also helps to rejuvenate the skin to eliminate pigmentation and even out the skin tone. At Castelle de Beauté, they provide special care and attention to the neck areas too because they realize the importance of keeping the skin at the neck area equally young.

Next comes a soothing facial and shoulder massage to ease away all the tensions before a collagen mask that helps reduce the redness after the extraction. Overall, nothing beats having a thoroughly cleansed skin after a good pampering facial treatment.

Mother’s Day is coming and there are some exciting promotions offered by Castelle de Beauté:

1. Mother’s Day Contest

2. 1-for-1 facial worth $48 only

Visit Castelle de Beaute Facebook page for  more details.
Block 133 Jurong Gateway 
Singapore 600133
Tel: 6563 1131

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