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I have to admit that I am quite a skin junkie. To be more precise, I am not a beauty junkie who is into makeup, skincare and all but a skin buff who sees the true importance of maintaining good skin. If your eyes is the windows of the soul, then skin is the windows to your heart and body. Your skin reflects your health. That is why I invested a lot in nourishing my body with natural whole foods that would feed and supplement my body cells with the right type of nutrients. 
However, the equation to good skin doesn’t just involves a healthy diet. Environmental factors plays a huge part too. Perhaps it’s my negligence in using a good sunscreen that results in some pigmentation surfacing on my cheeks. There were recent findings that not every sunscreen sold in the market have a decent sun protective factor to mask off the UV rays. Shocking? But this is true. You can’t trust the SPF factor on its packaging until you have tested it under the UV camera to see if the product appears as a blotch of black paint on your skin. You should be looking like you’re wearing a charcoal mask under the UV camera, otherwise, your skin is subjected to UV damage. 
To curb this onset of pigmentation, I knew aesthetic treatments using technology would work better for me. How timely it was for me to get invited over to Gangnam Laser Clinic to experience their signature laser treatments. It’s a rather specialized aesthetic clinic which adopted the Korean’s approach to medical aesthetics – better skin through laser and better face shape through facial re-contours.
Last week, I tried their signature laser facial that uses two different types of laser within one treatment. The complete laser treatment consists of Laser Toning, Fractional Lasers and a Post treatment mask. The ultimate benefits of this laser facial is to promote skin rejuvenation, leaving treated skin with a radiant and youthful glow with almost zero downtime. 

My Gangman Laser Clinic experience started off with a doctor’s consultation.  I was glad to have Dr. Daniel Chang that day to discuss about my current skin problems and how I could further improve my current skin tone and texture. The two main skin concerns I was facing were my enlarged pores that didn’t seem to shrink over the years even with regular facials and my uneven skin tone. It would be due to hormonal imbalance that results in these changes in my skin but thank goodness, there’s technology which could perhaps help to rectify the problem surfaced.

Gangnam Laser Clinic has been around since 2013 and this clinic at Harbourfront Centre is their flagship outlet. Everything looks new and the treatment rooms were exquisitely well-furnished.

I had my skin cleansed to remove any makeup, sunscreen or impurities from the skin before the laser treatment.

Here’s comes the heart-racing part where I was about to find out if the overall treatment was painful or not. I would always associate such aesthetic treatments to pain because there’s always some degree of inflicting pain when it comes to the use of machines especially those that involves light. Thus, I was quite apprehensive as to whether the laser beams would be too strong that it knocks me out or cause my body to jolt in discomfort. But I guess I was just thinking too much, there wasn’t exactly any pain but a tingling sensation on the skin  during the toning laser treatment which targets the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production as well as to tighten and tone the skin.

It was not exactly uncomfortable because after a while, your skin gets desensitized to it and when you try to engage your other senses; like engaging in a conversation with the doctor, you wouldn’t even mind having those laser beams penetrating your skin. You might even want to make use of this time to blank out your thoughts and mediate.

The first laser treatment lasted about 5 minutes and immediately right after laser toning, the doctor proceeded with the second laser, a resurfacing or micro peeling laser which targets the surface layer to remove dull and dead cells from the skin’s surface. It’s almost like a skin polishing treatment which naturally encourages skin cell renewal by sloughing off the dead skin cells. This explains why you will witness an instant glow right after the laser facial which lasted merely less than 10 minutes.

This is followed up a post-facial treatment mask which is indeed necessary to help soothe and calm the skin after the laser treatments. The whole treatment process lasted about 30 minutes which is rather prompt as compared to those salon facial treatments which would typically last for an hour or two.
Verdict: There wasn’t much noticeable effects in my skin until the next day where my skin looked more radiant than before. Though this glow and radiance lasted for about a few days, my skin texture has improved slightly with the reduction of pimples. In fact, one of my inflamed pimple at my temples have gone down quite a lot within day. So I could see the potential of this laser treatment in treating acne. What’s more impressive is that the acne scar at the side of my cheeks were healed within two days. 
Nevertheless, a flawless skin would require further treatments and proper maintenance. More importantly, when it comes to skin treatments, it’s effectiveness, service and comfort over everything else.

Good treats of buddles for you lovely readers who would like to experience the Gangnam Glow.
Treat 1: 

Quote DEENISEGLITZ to enjoy this laser treatment at a trial price of $48 (inclusive of doctor’s consultation) for first time visit. 
Treat 2: 
Mothers’ Day : Mother and daughter package – Thermage treatment + 10 sessions of KPL photoshower (Valid for the whole month of May)
(Price : $4,000)
1 Maritime Square #03-55 
HarbourFront Centre 
Singapore 099253
T: 6275 3381

The other outlet:

1 Raffles Place #03-04
One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616
T: 6536 8393

Also, visit Dr Daniel Chang’s blog on skin aesthetics:

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