Looking for a date has never been made easier with the existence of online dating apps. Speaking from experience, it’s so much more convenient to browse through profiles and photos rather than to meet in person before deciding he or she is a potential date. At least, you get to scrutinize their profiles and get to know them a little before before meeting up. Through this, you will also get to narrow down your chances of meeting the not-your-type kind of guys.

But I’ve noticed that the existing online apps are popular among guys as it is an easy way for them to check out the female profile pictures before sending whether to send a message of ‘Hi!’ or their infamous pick up line to get attention. In other words, such online apps are catered more to guys who tend to look for physical attraction above anything else. Young pretty girl with a cute smile? Okay, LIKE!

So in a world of male-centric online dating apps, we women tend to be at the losing end. But here’s the great news. Finally… yes finally! There’s a female-centric online dating app called Lunch Click made available in Singapore. I had no idea how female-centric it is but I do know that it has got rather cool features which would attract singles like me to test it out.

I’d say curiosity always drives me to my limits and those endless boundaries. In excitement, I went ahead to test drive the app. Like most apps, they require us to set up an account which needs to be approved. But it didn’t take too long because I soon received an email notification that my account was approved. The maximum time frame that anyone has to wait is 24 hours.


I think that the manual profile verification is actually a good feature because it filters out all the “fake” users. During the sign-up, NRIC is required because LunchClick is SDN accredited and they have to check against their database to ensure there are no married people on the app. Yes, you’d be surprised to find out that there are married couples joining such dating apps looking for hookups or relationships. They also screen through users’ Facebook profiles and reject people with fake profiles or those whose relationship status shows that they are attached. This is to ensure that all users in their database are genuine singles who are serious in looking for a relationship. At least, you won’t be wasting time reading creepy or flirtatious messages from someone who is unavailable.

When your account has been approved, you will receive one match per day. Below are some screen shots of the app.

And when you have a mutual match, where both of you indicate that you like each other, you get to pose a few questions for him to answers to get to know him or her better. However, you are unable to message or communicate with your date whatsoever.

Speaking of going out on dates, the unique feature about this app is the ‘propose a date’ feature which allows you to pick a suitable place to date. If you are single and happen to read this post on my blog, lucky you. Be one of the first1000 users who use the “propose a date” feature on LunchClick app and go out on a real-life date, and your meals will be sponsored.

And if I were you, I would choose a cafe that offers great ambience or food. Because if all else fails, at least there’s that beautiful instagram-worthy picture you’ve taken of your yummy creamy rainbow cake.


Download LunchClick now on the play store or app store, and go ahead and claim your free date! #LunchClick #LoveStartsWithAClick

Play store: http://bit.ly/1yf15Zo
App store: http://apple.co/1E95SMF

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