Sudio KLANG : Blissful Sound of Music


“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”  ― Maya Angelou

There’s somewhat a distinct difference between music blasted out in the open air and music that sends directly into your ears. Shared music or personal music enjoyment? The beauty of earphones and headphone is its ability to block out background noise, filtering any sounds or noise which may disrupt your music enjoyment. Just like this pair of chic Sudio KLANG earphones from Sweden, it really cancels out the noise and directs pure music to your ears.

This is more than just transmitting vibrations to your ear drums. It’s a fashion accessory itself.


Unboxing Sudio KLANG


Elegance Meets Preppy.

The design is ingenious. They went for the unconventional and created tapered wires that doesn’t tangle as easily.
It’s a true beauty of great quality that comes with hints of gold. A perfect patch with my iPhone 5 in gold. Worried that it’s gonna be pricey? This pair of affordable earphones cost less than SGD100. They even throw in a really cool leather pouch to store the sleek gadget. Shipping is free when you purchase through their website.

What’s in it?
– Klang Earphones with 4 Pairs of Extra Sleeves
– Owner’s Manual and Quality Assurance Card
– Genuine Leather Carrying Case
– Metal Clip
Sudio Klang – With Full-feature 3-Button Remote and Stay-in-Ear
Type: 10.0 mm Dynamic Speaker
Weight: 22 grams


Sound quality

Since its 10 mm dynamic speaker is designed to deliver a natural bass, the beats of the song will sink in first before the high tones. It works great if you are listening to upbeat songs like RnB, Techno or Funk for the pounding beat that keeps you grooving on your feet. 


The Perfect Fit

The earphones snugged nicely into the ears. The white sudio KLANG is a hit because it matches easily with any outfits and styles.


Genuine Leather Carrying Case


Full-feature 3-Button Remote




Best travel companion and gym gadget as you work it out on the treadmill.


It has stuck to my phone ever since.

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