A-ONE Claypot House: Mothers’ Day Dinner

A great way to celebrate Mothers’ Day is having a family gathering over a good meal and sweet treats. After all the hardwork and effort that all mothers invested to set up a family, it will be such a warm and heartening sight for them to see their family gathered together at the table to celebrate  the love for one another.

When I was a poor student back then, I could only afford chocolates which my mom loves nibbling on. But this year, I really wanted to give her a special treat and I hope that in many years to come, I would be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with her and the family over a good meal.

I was invited to try out a Mothers’ Day Set Meal Menu at A-ONE Claypot House and I brought my family members along. They had different set dinners catered to different number of people. Since there were only 4 of us, we had a set dinner for 4 pax. I also requested for some vegetarian dishes since I wouldn’t be able to taste most of the food menu. Instead, my family members will taste on my behalf.

We tried the outlet at Sports Hub and by 7.00pm, the tables were all filled up. But thank goodness, we made an early reservation to beat the dinner crowd. While we were there, we noticed that many of them came here for the claypot porridge which supposedly their signature dishes here. It was such a pity that we didn’t get to try it as we were so full after having out Mother’s Day set meal.


Assorted Dried Fruits Tea

This sugarless herbal infusion tea has a sweet fruit taste and it tasted really pleasant. I guess it would go really well with the Chinese stir-fry dishes or claypot porridge. In fact, they also served a variety of beverages from fizzy drinks, soda to teas. It is somewhat restaurant-like type of eatery that is particular in terms of the presentation of their food.


Crab Meat and Fish Maw Shark’s Fin Soup

According to my mother, it quite tasty and my father, being the fish-lover, enjoys eating the fish maw in the soup.


Scallop Fried with Lotus Root and Asparagus

This stir-fry dish was nicely done and it would go well with a bowl of rice.


Rock Sugar Honey Pork

Instead of sweet and sour pork, I guessed they went for something different this time – rock sugar honey pork. The lean pork slices were thin though but it was sufficient for my family who isn’t really into eating meat these days.

Golden Prawns in Creamy Salted Egg Sauce

My brother said that this dish was quite interesting because of the presence of the salted egg that gives the prawns unique texture.


Longevity Noodle with Sesame Oil Chicken

This longevity noodle with sesame oil chicken was my family’s favourite. The noodle was not too overcooked and it goes well with the fragrant gravy.
In the set meal, they would also include a bowl of red dates and longan as dessert as well.
This Mother’s Day Set Meal for 4 people costs about $138 ++. Check out the other set meal available for a larger group of people.

It was really gracious of them to offer me some vegetarian choices while I dine there with my family members who were non-vegetarians. Thank goodness that there are a couple of vegetarian choices here at A-One Claypot House. Here are the 2 dishes which I ordered!


Stir-fried Broccoli with Assorted Mushrooms
This dish has got lots of mushrooms in it and it also had my favourite broccoli which was cooked to perfection.


Claypot Beancurd with Assorted Mushrooms
I like the fact that this claypot beancurd is served sizzling hot and it would really go well with a bowl of white rice.
Special thanks to A-ONE Claypot for this meal invitation.

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