AVEDA Pure Abundance Style-Prep + Stress-Fix Composition Oil


This isn’t my first encounter with Aveda. A couple of years back, I was using their moisturizers which smells very green. Little did I know that Aveda is the marriage of Ayurveda, an ancient healing art from India and modern science to create a wide variety of products from hair to skincare products. They are also tapping on aromaology to generate wellness and balance both emotionally and from within.


Their new Pure Abundance Style-Prep product has turned many heads (including mine). I didn’t know how it works until I visited Aveda Retail Store at Capitol Piazza where I was taught how to style my hair using the product. I would prefer to use it on slightly damp hair after which I would comb, blow-dry and style my hair. It gives weightless volume to your limped hair with the use of the hair dryer to set the hairstyle. It is powered by a blend of passion fruit, rice bran, acai oils and acacia gum.

Unlike other hairsprays or hair styling products sold in the market, this doesn’t leave the hair feeling tacky at all. Gentle shampooing is sufficient to wash the product off.


The Stress-fix Composition Oil is my go-to stress reliever. Sniffing the herbal aromatic oil instantly melts my stress away and puts me onto this vast green paddy fields in Bali. It reminds me of Bali, my evergreen favourite place on earth. I couldn’t do away with this product ever since I started using it.

It is a nourishing plant oil blend that includes certified organic sunflower and jojoba. The Stress-Fix aroma is crafted with certified organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage.

This aromatic and nourishing oil is a versatile oil which can be used for bath, body and hair. It could put a few drops in your running bath water or use it as a massage oil on your body and scalp.

I would usually pour 3 drops of oil onto my hands and warm it up gently with my palms. Next, I would sniff the aroma from my palms and take in long deep breaths to relax my body. With every deep breath, I was brought in deeper and deeper into the realm of relaxation. I should bring this to work every other day in case my blood reaches the boiling point. Inhaling all those scents from nature brings peace and harmony.

Aveda Stress-Fix Composition Oil is housed in a 50 ml/ 1.7 fl. oz. glass container. It costs $52.

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