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Day 2 : Filming with Channel News Asia on ‘The Cost of Living Well’ – My Vegetarian Lifestyle

The second part of the shoot was all about documentation of my lifestyle and eating habits. The first scene was at the supermarket where I shop for fresh produce. I admit that I enjoy grocery shopping a lot and I would bring along a recycling bag with me all the time just in case I might be buying food items from the NTUC. Besides eating clean, I am also trying to go green by living more simply and opting for environmental-friendly and cruelty-free products.

I wouldn’t think it is very attractive for a lady to be holding a basket while oranges a firm squeeze to see if it is ripe and juicy. Since young, I already knew I had that motherly trait in me.

It was somewhat crowded at NTUC Xtra at Bukit Timah Plaza with the stream of people living in the proximity, dropping by to shop for groceries before the long weekend. But they couldn’t quite care less about those men in black who were arming with a camera and microphones. At the very least, they are not arming themselves with any weapons like knives and guns.

I’m starting to get a little weary of the way I look whenever I shop for Tofu.

I wish I could bring back a whole truck load full of fruits and vegetables. Buy them for me and I would be very pleased!

It’s fun to be on camera but tiring to be behind camera being directed to repeat the actions several times.
Camera rolling!

Picking up a tub of fresh strawberries…

Heading over to the organic section to purchase some apples.
I don’t usually buy organic since there are more expensive and it is difficult to tell whether a product is really organic or not. These days alot of food items are labelled as organic but it might not be certified as a non-GMO and pesticide-free fresh produce.

Off we go to my crib!

A couple of weeks before the shoot, there was some painting works done by Dulux Singapore at my house so now it is looking really new with that fresh coat of paint. My parents also spent alot of time trying to tidy up and decorate our living space so that it looks good on camera. Thank you Daddy and Mummy!

Right here, they asked me about how I started on this plant-based diet where I eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables. It all started off with the main objective of loosing weight and staying healthy.

They also filmed me preparing my meals in the kitchen.

Juicing with my new Kuvings juicer that produces great quality cold-pressed juices!

My kitchen is rather small but it is sufficient for me to whip up my own meals though I wish I have a little more space to invest in bigger and better equipment.

I had to prepare all four meals I eat in a day. So I started with stir-frying some mushrooms with garlic to make my all-time favourite veggie spaghetti.

Even the cameraman quipped that it looked like they were filming for a cooking show…

It may not look as appetizing on photo with just vegetables and mushrooms only but it smelt good and at least it is more nutritious as I use brown rice spaghetti mixed with organic tomato pasta sauce.

I usually eat slightly bigger proportions than these dishes I prepared below. During the day, I tend to keep to fruits and salads and in the evening, I will usually have a cooked meal and load up on some carbohydrates.

Yoga has also taught me about feeling the body and understanding the connection between the body, mind and soul. This eating clean philosophy is also in many ways similar to the Aryuvedic diet practiced by many yogis.

Thankfully, the shooting process went on smoothly and it was a wrapped for day 2!

And there’s still one more day of shooting before the whole filming process comes to an end.

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