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Day 3: Filming with Channel News Asia on ‘The Cost of Living Well’ : The Nutritionist

The final shooting was an interview with nutritionist Pooja where I learnt alot from her about her opinions on raw food diet. Before the shoot, she shared openly about her views on raw food diet and how this diet might not suit everyone and I had to agree with her because this diet isn’t for everyone as some of us might not adapt well especially if we go to extreme. That explains why I try to keep it a balance by not going fully raw and not being too restrictive with my diet.

But one of the useful advice she gave is to include one or two raw meals per day as eating raw foods like fruits and vegetables do have its benefits.

Filming the last bits of the scene!

I must say that it is a fruitful and eye-opening experience so far but I have learnt a lot about filming and being on camera now. And this really helps me a lot in my future shoots like the YouTube video I did for Summer’s Eve. Do stay tune for that too!
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