Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes : My Birthday Cake (4 May)


“May the fourth be with you.” 

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn.

Fourth of May has been a really special date ever since I was emerged out of my Mummy’s belly and opened my tiny eyes find myself on this planet called earth. As a child, I’ve always questioned about my existence and my purpose in life. Why was I even born here? What was my first day like on earth? Was there a force – that almighty force or some supernatural power that crafted me out of clay and sand? Perhaps I shouldn’t even think too much about my past for it is already a joy to be breathing clean air and living in every moment of my life as time ticks away.

This year was an exceptionally extraordinary year for me especially since it’s my first birthday celebrating as a vegetarian. It did felt like I was given a second life and after almost a year being on a vegetarian/vegan diet, I felt that my body has been ‘revived’. It’s amazing to feel so clean and carefree again, knowing that my body has its own machinery working in perfect order again. I’ve never felt any stronger and healthier than this! (though I’ve fallen ill over during my birthday week!)

And to celebrate my hatch day along with my goals and achievements in keeping up to a diet I believed in, I thought it would be perfect if I could bake myself a vegan cake. However, with the tight schedule that I was in, it was almost impossible for me to whip up a cake just in time for my birthday. Thus, cake shopping would be the next best shop and that’s how I landed on Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes.


Who would have thought that I could find a vegan bakery here in Singapore who made cakes that are eggfree, organic, diabetic-friendly, glutenfree and dairyfree? I knew I had to try out their vegan cakes after reading the numerous good reviews online. I was too happy for words when I get to try out their Banana Hot Fudge that is super chocolatey. With every morsel of the cake, I was sent straight up to seventh heaven – a heaven of bananas and chocolate. I was practically going ‘bananas’ with every bite because bananas has been my staple food ever since I was on this vegetarian diet.


My birthday cake comes in 5.5 inch size which looks rather small for a birthday cake it was perfect as this cake was meant to be shared among my family members. Also, the cake itself has a very rich chocolate taste and a small slice of it is sufficient enough to make me overdosed with chocolate.

I must say that it tasted way better than any non-vegan chocolate cakes I’ve tasted in my life because the ingredients used were fresh and rather pure. Even the layer of chocolate whipped cream layered is also made healthier and low in trans fat since no eggs and dairy products were used. It’s definitely a great option for those the health conscious individuals.


Who says you can’t have cakes because they are wayyy too sweet and unhealthy?


The collection of the cake was fuss-free. I made a trip down to Kuan Im at Fortune Centre which holds Delcie’s concept store was found. Their cakes and pastries could be purchased off-shelf the counter at Kuan Im located at the first floor. I quickly made a beeline back home to keep the cake refrigerated till it was ready to be taken out and share with family.

As recommended, it is best to warm up the cake in the microwave after removing from the fridge about an hour. There was a huge difference because when the cake is warmed, the melted chocolate will get soaked slightly into the banana sponge layer which also helps moistened it. When warmed up, the aroma of the banana became more distinct. And there you have it, banana hot fudge on my birthday…surrounded with well-wishes from family, friends and the boyfriend whom I lovingly like to call him my man.


This has to be the sweetest slice of cake in my life which was made even sweeter with love.

Happy Birthday to Me.

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