Kuvings or Hurom?

When I first started juicing, I invested in a rather tidy and compact centrifugal juicer that is great for those who just started out juicing. It’s quite powerful juicer which can juice the whole apple without even having to slice it up. More importantly, it can also juice vegetables. It’s pretty neat but as I start to get more serious into juicing, I decided that I should invest in a better quality juicer which can produce a better quality and higher yield of juice.

So that explains how this awesome gadget landed in my kitchen. I was really satisfied with this purchase which I bought it on Qoo10 as the slow juicer really produce a better quality and yield of juices. The product arrived within a few days after I made the purchase online. It’s pretty efficient considering that this product was brought into Singapore from Korea. And I believe that this model is not available in Singapore and it is somewhat similar to the Kuvings’s KU-659 which is sold for $700+ in Singapore. But for this model of Kuvings (KU-623S), it only costs me only $349. It’s definitely more expensive that those centrifugal juicers and the cheaper brands of slow juicers available in the market. However, it is so worth it considering the fact that it is comparable to the top end slow juicer brands like Hurom.

If you are into juicing, I would say that getting a set of Kuvings slow juicer is the next best thing in life. Not only it crushes fruits and vegetables into juice but it could also turn frozen fruits into sorbet and nuts into milk.

I couldn’t be any happier when it arrived and I started to unbox it immediately.


The beauty of the slow juicer is its use of low speed extraction method that carefully crushes the juice out of the fresh produce to produce 100% fresh living juice with the enzymes, vitamins and minerals still intact. It is also energy-saving and eco-friendly in the sense that it produces a better juice yield than those conventional juicers, thus producing lesser wastage.

It’s quite a big and sturdy juicer that consist of several parts which is good in the sense that cleaning could be done more thoroughly especially in parts where the fibre or vegetable bits are stuck. When are parts could be easily detached from the machine, the vegetable and fruit bits could be easily dislodged too. But of course, the setting up of the juicer would take abit of time if there were too many parts to assemble.


Features of Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

1. Low speed extraction method

It crushes fruits and vegetables instead of grinding it so all the nutrients and enzymes are preserved.

2. Multi-purpose for food preparation and cooking

Besides juicing, it can used to make fruit sorbets and nutmilk.

3. Two-step safety start system

This safety feature is beneficial because it ensures that all parts are assemble properly and securely locked before the machine runs. If this criteria is not met, the machine is unable to function.

4. Handle for easy handling

I would say that this machine is really well-designed and use-friendly.

5. Powerful motor – no overheating

Since it works on a low speed motor, the machine doesn’t get heated up every easily. But it will start to get very hot if you use it for more than 15 minutes without stopping the machine.

6. Quiet operation

The noise level is really low for this juicer!

7. Convenient rinsing

Cleaning brushes were provided to scrub off the fibre bits which makes cleaning quite convenient. Even though it is easy to rinse off the waste bits, it is best to use a sponge to scrub it all over to prevent any bits and pieces from getting stuck inside the crevices.

Parts of the NUC Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer KJ-623S
(Silver Red)


Hopper + Drum lid


Cleaning brushes and rotation wiper

The rotation wiper is a cleaning tool for the strainer. But I find that the brushes do a better job in getting rid of food stuck in the strainer.


Ice-cream bowl and Juicing Screw

The juicing screw is the most crucial part of the machine as it is the part that crushes the fruits and vegetable bits.


I’ve managed to attach the juicing bowl, strainer and juicing screw to the machine. I would say it is quite simple after I watched a couple of videos on assembling the slow juicer. There were also demarcations to assist in assembling the parts together.


The juicer has a 2 round-pin plug as it is supposedly manufactured for people living in Korea. So I had my Dad to change it to a 3 flat-pin plug which fits the power chords in Singapore.


Fully assembled! Looking spick and span!


Cold-pressed juices are simply the best! It’s still cold, refreshing and smooth. Though the only downside is that slow juicers, as it names suggest, is rather slow in producing the juice. However, in my opinion, it is really worth the wait!

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