My 2015 Birthday Celebrations: I’m Truly Blessed

4 May 2015

The 124th day of the year.

The day Audrey Hepburn was born.

The day where Star Wars fans reunite.

The day a girl with droopy eyes entered this magnificent world.

People say that when a woman starts to age, the more she is less willing to reveal her age. At times, it may seem embarrassed to find out that the number representing your age appears greater than the other young girls sashaying down the street. True enough, our dwindling youth is tantamount to our attractiveness unlike men who matures like wine; the older the more charming he appears to be. But I really beg to differ because turning 27 this year had made me realized how amazing it is to be a year wiser, a year more appreciative of what I’ve been blessed with. Whether you are a man or a woman, isn’t it wonderful to know that you manage to survive year after year as a healthy individual?

This year was tad more special where I was showered with lots of love from my family and friends. And most important of all, from the man of my dreams whom I’ve been waiting for after episodes of despair.

My birthday celebration rocked off with my besties who been through thick and thin with me since my Primary School Days in Raffles Girls’ Primary School. And we’ve been together for 16 years and counting! It’s truly amazing as they are now part of me and my life. When my stems go weak, they have been my support to pull me back up.

Brunch @ SPRMRKT
I am always excited about cafes that serve vegetarian food because of the fact they do spare a thought for us vegetarians who might be dining and hanging out with omnivorous friends at cafes.

Like every year, these two favourite babes of mine, Mabel and Yee Ting, would sing me a birthday song over a slice of cake. Somehow, I never get sick of them singing me a birthday song.

I guess one of the biggest hurdle I’ve gradually managed to overcome is loving myself and embracing my body. As a women, we are somewhat affected by how media portray other beautiful women and most of the times, it affects how we view about our own body image. To be frank, I never like displaying imperfect photos of myself but this year, with that magical twist in my life, I’ve learnt so much about self-acceptance and learning to embrace the way I look. It’s perfectly fine if I didn’t have makeup to cover up my imperfections because sometimes you just need to be comfortable in your own skin. And this is me.

My birthday wish: May we three musketeers find true love and lead happy lives together.

After a hearty brunch, I made a trip down to Delcie’s to collect my vegan birthday cake which I’ve requested for. I couldn’t be any happier than to receive a vegan cake for my birthday! This chocolate hot fudge banana cake is a celebration to my vegetarian lifestyle which I’ve embarked on almost a year ago. This marks a significant milestone in my life as I continue to lead a healthier lifestyle. Besides, it was also one of the biggest changes in my life.

A slice of cake is all you’ll need…
It’s truly sinful but guilt-free and healthy since the ingredients are all carefully chosen.

The next blissful birthday meet up was with Wynne. She’s pretty much like my long-lost younger sister who had the same surname as me! I was craving for eggs that day so I have egg Benedict’s on toast. Although I’m on a vegan/vegetarian diet, I’m not too strict with myself as I felt that it is more important for me to listen to my body.
Pique Nique serves ones of the best fries and egg Benedict’s!

She surprised me with a Tiramisu! To me, the size of the cake didn’t matter as long as the thought behind it that counts. Isn’t it wonderful to have friends who cared about you and wanted to celebrate on your hatch day?  It’s also really nice to receive birthday wishes from my colleagues in the office who discovered my birthday through my Facebook.

But out of all, the sweetest and most precious event that happened on 4 of May is my heartfelt confessions with my special someone. Knowing him is the greatest birthday give I’ve ever received in my life. It isn’t the flowers but the very fact he remembers what I love and surprise me on my special day. My favourite perfume, my favourite animal and my favourite colour… 
He is now my favourite person on earth.
I’ll share out love story another time but as for now… 
‘Loving someone is not what I’m ultimately seeking for. It is being loved that fills you with so much abundance of love that you just want to fill the world with more love.’ 

– Deenise

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