Roasted Veggies Recipe (Vegan-Friendly)


I’ve just tried a new cooking method of preparing my vegan meals. Previously, I would either steam or stir-fry the vegetables but this time, I took it to the oven. Each method of cooking gives the food a slight different texture and flavour. I personally find that roasting vegetables gives it’s a subtle caramelized taste without being too oily, moist or wet. Though the food may be drier after roasting it, it has this slight crunchy and succulent texture. In addition, the spices and seasoning really got infused, coated and stuck to the vegetables.

What you’ll need


Asparagus (It’s delicious when roasted because it still tasted crunchy. )
Eggplant (It’s a meat substitute in vegan and vegetarian cuisines. Did you know that eggplant contains nicotine?)
Yellow Bell Pepper ( It tasted so good when roasted. Trust me.)
White button Mushrooms ( These mushrooms shrink so much after roasted so becareful not to overcook it.)


Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Sesame oil
Himalayan Sea Salt

( I like to add sesame oil to asparagus in particular because it brings out a unique flavor in the asparagus.)

Oven temperature: 100 degree celsius
Time: 12-15 minutes

Optional: A dollop of vegan-friendly salad dressing/mustard sauce


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