Avocado Veggie Sushi Roll (Vegetarian-Friendly)


I’ve always thought that brown rice and white rice are two different types of rice. But they aren’t. White rice was once brown rice. The difference lies in the presence and absence of the bran and hull. Brown rice only has its hull removed while white rice has both its bran and hull removed. Thus brown rice has most of its nutrients still intact.
When brown rice becomes white rice, large quantities of vitamin B and other minerals like iron and dietary fibre are gone. That explains why brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. Not that white rice is unhealthy or anything but its just lower in nutritional value. So I’ve been replacing white rice with brown rice whenever possible.
I’m also depending less on mushrooms as a meat substitute because I noticed that eating too much mushrooms didn’t make my body feel too good. So for this sushi recipe, I opted for an all-veggie filling which turns out delicious as well.
Brown rice
Japanese Cucumber
Japanese Rice vinegar
Coconut palm sugar
Sushi sauce
Sesame seed oil
Cook the brown rice in the rice cooker for about 30 minutes. Wait for the rice to cool before mixing in the Japanese rice vinegar and some palm sugar. Prepare the ingredients while waiting for the rice to be cooked. Cut the carrots and cucumber into long thin slices. Diced the avocado into long chunks. 
To prepare the sushi sauce or dip, mix miso and cold water in a ratio of 1 is to 1 for the miso paste to dissolve in water. Add natural seasoning like sesame seed oil and pepper to spice up the sauce.
You can choose to make a sushi roll with or without a bamboo mat. I find it so much easier these days to do it without the mat. Here’s a great video on how to make a sushi roll and it also illustrate the various others ways of making a sushi roll.


Everybody loves sushi. 
So don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to eating rice.
Rice, is afterall, natural carbs.
It’s healthier than processed sugar or flour.



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