BoxGreen: Surprise Me or No?

I love surprises. Who doesn’t? Just as you are going about to do your daily work, out comes a box of your favourite things on earth that got delivered to your desk. Or maybe your man drop by your doorstep just to send you a bouquet of flowers. Who doesn’t love that kind of stuff? I love receiving surprises as much as I love giving them to others. 
But you will need to supplement that person who love giving surprises a little bit of help. That’s because he/she wouldn’t know what you like and to make a surprise a pleasant one, you need to give him’her some clue. And in this case, BoxGreen need some help from you to make your surprises a ‘superduperlicious’ one!
Instead of ‘surprising’ you with their own creations of snacks, they are not offering with you with an option to customize your BOXGREEN pack. You choose your favourite BOXGREEN snacks and get it delivered to you! However, if you prefer a BIGGER surprise, you can opt for ‘surprise me’! This would leave BOXGREEN to randomly select a healthy pack of snacks.

My selection for the month of June includes:
Coco Berry Smoothie 
Green Protein Monster
Cheng Tng

Being adventurous, I chose the new concoctions of snacks from BOXGREEN. But my old favourite, Cheng Tng, is still my preferred one.

I tossed in the medley of BOXGREEN bites into my breakfast oat bowl. Looking lovely, isn’t it?
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