Chiang Mai 2015 : The Legend of a Vegan – Day 2 : Royal Project Store + Green Bamboo Massage

Sawadii Ka!
Breakfast is complimentary at the hotel and there were 3 choices: Fruits + muesli + yoghurt, American Breakfast set with eggs and bacon or just simply toast. 
It was a Sunday and we decided to head over to a Church there in Chiang Mai. We just googled for a church that offers English services and we found House of Praise. We took a Songthaew (mini bus) to the place and we were so thankful that the driver manage to locate where the church is.
The cheapest way to get around the city is by taking their public transport, Songthaew which is like a mini bus-cum-taxi. For 20 to 30 baht, you can get around Chiang Mai quite easily by just informing the driver where you would like to alight. It picks up and drops off passengers along the way too. It’s like a hop-on taxi to put it quite simply.

It was nice and early to be praising the Lord with the other Church-goers who were mainly caucasians. It’s like a multi-national church and we felt really welcome there. After the service, there is also a welcome reception with some hot drinks, biscuits and fruits served.

Moving on, we decided to head over to the Royal Project Store which was recommended by Vanessa’s friend. It’s a organic grocery store that sells fresh produce as well as vegan-friendly food and beauty products.
It was a big mistake to think that we could trust our own instincts by following the Google Maps and the address given online because we had a difficult time trying to locate it as the Song Thaew drivers had no idea where Royal Project Store is either.

However, we managed to find a kind soul who helped us where to locate the place and she helped us to write down the directions so that we can show the Song Thaew driver. Apparently, it is within Chiang Mai University and we also managed to find a Song Thaew driver who knew where the place is!

The Royal Project Store
Address: Royal Project Shop at Faculty of Agriculture, Chaing Mai University

The Royal Project Store Cafe
We end up didn’t buy anything as it is not very cheap either. It would be a nice place to shop for groceries should we be staying here for a longer period of time where we can prepare and cook our own healthy meals.

DinDee Mudhouse
Nimmanheimin Road,Suthep | ChiangMai Univ.Art Center, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

We were walking back to the old city where we came across DinDee cafe where they served Japanese-inspired healthy meals with several vegetarian options.

We ordered fried rice and the food there is amazing!

After lunch, we made an appointment to for a massage at Green Bamboo Massage which was highly recommended online at TripAdvisor. I trusted the reviews on TripAdvisor alot because it has never fail to disappoint me. We did a little shopping before our massage and here’s what I’ve got! A wooden postcard for my sweetheart. I bought some stamps and wrote him a message on this wooden postcard which was pretty cool. I finally understood why it is pretty fun to send postcard to your loved ones when you’re traveling. You would be wondering if they would receive your postcard and there’s this element of surprise that you will never find in sending emails or Whatsapp Messages. It’s my little souvenir for him, to let him know that I misses him alot even when we are both a sea apart.

We had a refreshing hibiscus tea at a bar near our massage place. It was way too hot!

Green Bamboo Massage
Address: Moon Muang Road, Lane 1, 50200, Thailand
Tel: +66 89 827 5563
This massage place is so popular as it attracted too many pandas like us. So it would be best if you booked in advance before you make a trip down. Vanessa had a foot massage while I did a 60-minute Thai massage where I was clothed with comfortable loose white pants and shirt. And the masseuse did her thing to ease out all the tight knots in my back and shoulders. It was so good that we decided to come back for the second round.

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