Chiang Mai 2015: The Legend of a Vegan – Day 3 : Good Kids Preschool + Chiang Mai Night Safari

Another round of adventure begins in Chiang Mai today as we headed to a Christian Preschool in the village areas of Chiang Mai where Vanessa used to carry out her Church’s mission work. She knew the owners of the Preschool personally and they agreed to take us for a visit to their preschool called Good Kids Preschool.

Although it is located in the villages, this school is nothing like those run-down old schools with thatched rooftops which I imagined it to be. It is no different with the Kindergarden and nursery I attended back in Singapore as a child. No wonder there is a long waiting list of children whose parents want them to be educated here. It was popular because this is the only preschool that teaches English. 

Any kids would love this vibrant environment that looked very aesthetically-pleasing.

The education system here is pretty much similar to the American school system. Every school term will start with a new theme and everything they learn is in accordance to the theme. The theme for this term is Eggs! 

Children are encouraged to bring a packet of milk to school everyday.

All these little ones assembled at the play yard before school begins and upon entering their classroom, they would be greeted by their teachers and principal at the door with a BIG hug. No wonder the kids felt so loved here.

We sang nursery rhymes with these little ones.

Time to learn about numbers and counting!

Break time! The kids had healthy fish porridge which were cooked by their school cook.

Then, it’s their playtime again! There’s pretty much alot of playtime for these kids and they had a lot of fun running around in the play area where there’s so much things for them to play with.

This little girl couldn’t stop tailing me all around the school.

After playtime, they had their nap time where they take a quick nap before another new activity begins. It’s almost like a childcare centre where the kids well-being are taken care for. It was also a happy day for these children as there was a birthday celebration happening and each of them had an ice cream!

It can be so tiring looking after children as they can be so active. Speaking of which, I am really getting old!

For dinner, we head over to a Japanese food stall along the high way to have some good Japanese food. I had Japanese salad with sesame dressing and it was so good!

We hitched a ride from Vanessa’s friend and headed over to Chiang Mai Night Safari. The safari was HUGE!

We caught the Animal Show featuring some carnivorous animals found in the zoo.

We sat a tram ride where we get to feed and touch these animals!

Meeting eye to eye with a giraffe.


Bought a basket worth of fruits to feed the wildlife

The controversial debate about Zoo sometimes bother me for I am not certain if visiting a zoo is supporting unethical practices of depriving animals from having a suitable environment to live in. Putting animals in enclosures are somewhat like locking animals in prison except that it is less restrictive. However, in this safari where the grounds could span any hectares across the land and where the tame animals are allowed to roam freely about, it didn’t seem all too cruel to keep the animals there for people like us to learn and study more about them. Animals should live in their natural habitats but if there isn’t a place called the zoo, I might not even get the chance to see a polar bear or panda. There’s always this dilemma.

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